Sometimes I get emails like this one that just rip my heart out:

“I am contacting you as desperately looking for answers for our 6 month old Grandson. He has been unable to poo since birth, he has to be assisted and this is despite regular diarrhea, he also has a prolapse outside of his anus and this is often ulcerated or with fissures…I’d also like to know if your ‘FissureHeal’ would be suitable for a baby and if available in the UK please? He also has allergy to milk proteins and is unable to tolerate MOST foods! He cannot even have pureed carrot or any veg, fruit as it seems to almost ‘ferment’ inside of him (you can feels thousands of tiny bubbles within his tummy area after eating any), this is followed by explosive diarrhea, but however extreme he cannot even pass this unaided.

He has seen a surgeon who ruled out Hirschsprung’s disease, because he said that although it could cause lack of motility through the bowel, it wouldn’t react to foods in the way his bowel does. He has ribbon like poos at times, indicative of Crohn’s disease, but wheat is one of the only foods he can tolerate, other than rice milk, special formula milk and baby rice… but before long his body will need more extensive foods than this in order for him to thrive, so we are getting really worried for him. No one seems to know what is wrong, but he has been on continual painkillers for most of his life and he is in continual pain because of his anal prolapse, fissures, bleeding etc, it looks so raw and painful bless him.

If you have time to read this, I’d be SO grateful, the whole family are helping his parents research his problems and any advice would be wonderful, I realise how busy you are and I wouldn’t ask if he weren’t so helpless and if we didn’t feel so lost in how to help him. I would also like to say that you have helped me via your videos on some problems I had, so many, many thanks and I hope you can offer some help.”

So although I cannot give anyone personal health advice, I can offer my thoughts and also say what I would do if this were MY baby…

As this baby is only 6 months and eating wheat, rice milk, formula and ‘baby rice’ I’m going to assume he was not breastfed, or perhaps only for a short time. I also don’t know if this baby had a vaginal birth. But either way, it’s probably safe to say he does not have a good, beneficial gut flora from Day 1. It’s likely his mother’s gut flora is not good either.

So in addition to starting out without protective, good bacteria, he has been on painkillers – which cause ulceration and damage gut flora and often cause constipation or spastic bowel (alternating between diarrhea and constipation).

Grains (rice, wheat) are also compounding the problem and the sugars are feeding the bad bacteria and yeast overgrowth in his GI tract. So although they are the only things he can tolerate at this point, they are not going to help him heal and are actually part of the damaging feedback loop he’s in.

If this was my baby, I would do ALL of the following things:

1. Find a breastmilk donor who does not consume cow dairy (I would advertise on Craigslist and visit the mother in her home with my intuition switched on) and take him back to being exclusively breastfed.

2. I would mix Natren’s Life Start goat-milk based (or Vegan if needed) probiotic into every bottle of breastmilk.

3. If I couldn’t find a breastmilk supply, I would find a pasture-fed raw goat milk supply or pasture-fed raw camel milk supply and add the probiotics to that. Again, I would feed ONLY raw goat or camel milk and probiotics until his gut was healed, bowel movements were normal and prolapse healed.

4. At the same time, I would give daily Probiotic Retention Enemas using Life Start via a baby enema bulb. I would do this VERY gently, using lots of vitamin E oil to lubricate and using the tip of the bulb to gently push the rectum back inside.

5. I would perform Colonic Massage on him mult