Jini’s Favorite Raw Juice Recipes – Juicing or Blending

Raw vegetable juicing is fabulously healthy and cleansing; as long as you do not tend towards diarrhea. If you are underweight and suffer from bloating or frequent bowel movements, then your system is likely not healed enough yet to tolerate raw juice and it will likely give you diarrhea. In that case, use these easily tolerated shake recipes instead.

If you tend towards constipation, then raw juice can be a wonderful thing if you also throw in blueberries, plums, and pitted cherries (use them instead of apples or pears) – which encourage bowel movements. You would also benefit from adding a heaping teaspoon of ground chia seed to your juice.

If you don’t have a high quality juicer that preserves the live enzymes in the juice, then you need to purchase one. Recommended juicers include Green Star (Green Power), Champion, Juice Man and the Norwalk Juicer. I personally have a Green Star juicer, but now both Ian and I use the cheap and easy Nutribullet or MagicBullet (cheaper but does the same job – I’ve tested both!) to juice, because the clean-up takes literally 10 seconds!

Raw juices provide vital plant-source nutrients, sterols and phytochemicals and it’s great if you can get your whole family drinking these juice blends since they will only benefit.

If you’re squeamish about drinking vegetable juices, then add some extra apples and/or sweet oranges to each blend as that will make it more fruity and palatable. But these recipes are surprisingly delicious, even my kids like them. Start kids off with just a shot glass full of juice, with an ice cube in it. As their tastebuds adjust, they’ll ask for more.

These recipes are ideal for people just beginning to drink raw juice. As you adjust, you can reduce the amount of fruit and increase the vegetables.

Shopping List: carrots, kale, spinach, apples, oranges, beets, celery, parsley and fennel (all certified organic).

Note: The amounts given in these recipes are for a juice extractor. If you are using the MagicBullet, you can cut each recipe in half.

Juice Blend #1 – Go Green
Handful of parsley
2 kale leaves
Handful of spinach
2 apples (seeded, cut into wedges)

Juice Blend #2 – Liver Tonic
2 kale leaves
1 stalk of celery
1 beet (can use the leaves too, but for kids, only use the beet bulb)
2 carrots
2 apples

Juice Blend #3 – Hormone Helper (my favorite!)
1 small fennel
2 stalks of celery
1 orange (peeled and seeded) or 1 small mango
2 apples (seeded, cut into wedges)

Juicing Guidelines

Note: These guidelines only apply to juice extractors, if using a MagicBullet or Nutribullet, just throw everything in with enough water to blend.

Wash all items before juicing. Put leaves through first, roll or bunch them up, then use a carrot or apple wedge to help push them through.

Always save something hard (carrot, apple, beet) for the last items to juice as they will make sure everything preceding has been juiced thoroughly.


18 thoughts on “Jini’s Favorite Raw Juice Recipes – Juicing or Blending

  1. Hi Jini, my name is Suzy and I am super interested in trying out your elemental diet system. I have ulcerative colitis and have been in a flare for a couple months now with nothing helping. I’m haven’t been on meds for over 4 years now and try to manage my symptoms with diet. I also juice a lot, but right now I think even that is too much. I am gluten free and I think I’m going to go back to a vegan diet as well bc that seems to have helped me the most. My question is: Are the vegan elemental shakes also gluten free? Where could I get an ingredient list? Thanks so much. I’m excited to try your program bc it seems like it just makes sense.

  2. Hi!–my husband has mild CD and wants to start juicing. We just bought your LTYG book and he’s reading it. You state in this post that the Nutibullet does the same thing as the other juicers (Green Star, Champion, etc.). I want to buy the Nutribullet because it’s less expensive and if it does the same thing that makes more sense. However, my husband is convinced that buying a juicer such as the Champion or Green Star would be better since it takes the fiber out. Does the Nutribullet really do the same thing? Since he doesn’t have diarrhea, multiple BM’s, etc. do you think the the Nutribullet would be ok to use? Thanks!

  3. Hi Eva,

    Your husband is correct. The Nutribullet does NOT remove fiber.

    Which one you get really depends on your purpose. If you want the pure juice – as more of a detox shot, then go with Green Star or Champion.

    But if you want it to be able to eat healthier, yet still have a mild detox, then get the Nutribullet.

    You might want to get the MagicBullet first (less than $50 in Costco) and test it to see if you like it. If it’s not what he wants, then you or other family members can still use it. My mum and my kids use one all the time!

    Regarding the loose stools, he’s going to have to test it and see which his body prefers and in which amounts. Another reason you may want to get the Magic Bullet first. Oh wait, here it is on Amazon for a similar price ($46):


  4. Hi
    I have been juicing for 2 months and eating only vegetables and yet I am still constipated with severe Levator ani syndrome.
    Are there specific juices that can help the constipation? I get severe Levator ani every time I eat. I have to use enemas to move things.
    Thank you

  5. Hi, Suzy, I am currently being tested for an issue regarding my swallowing and a pressure around my windpipe It’s only saliva that is hard to swallow , not food. i have the constant feeling as if someone is squeezing my wind pipe, and feel like there is a lump pushing up and down and sometimes remains just still in my throat, today , a test showed, I have a sever amount of reflux, however , not many symptoms for stomach issues… I was stunned , however my researching has led me to several conditions that support my symptoms .. Dysphagia esophageal .. Bottom line, Is there anything that can help with this… I have a belville juicer , but think I need a bullet for the fiber . Can you advice.. Thank you so much

  6. OMG , Suzy is the person who asked a question, I apologize, I didn’t pay attention .. Jini… Also , Thats not my picture lol

  7. Hi Jini

    I have had Crohn’s for almost 30 yrs now and even after a small bowel resection and plenty of prescriptions, I still suffer.
    What would you suggest smoothie-wise for someone like me, who tends to be very sensitive to sugar, dairy, and gluten and almost always gets diarrhea not constipation …

  8. Hi, I have been having nothing but vegan elemental shakes and chicken clear broth. Can I have vegetable juice too. What type of home made jello can i have. Can i have chai with ricemilk or tea or green tea. I havent read the whole book yet. Do you know of a brand thats makes isolated whey protein that doesnt contain sweetners and other unwanted stuff that is available on ireland or the UK? Can i order absorb plus from anywhere in Uk? I would really like to order from your store but $135 per tub including postage is too much for me on disability allowance etc.


    • Hello Cam,

      Thank you for contacting us today. Aside from bowel rest using Absorb Plus liquid diet, other important steps that you need to follow is to eradicate pathogenic microorganisms (like bad bacteria, yeast, fungi, etc.) using Wild Oregano and then re-populate the bowel with good bacteria using Probiotics.

      While the steps above greatly contribute to the healing of intestinal inflammation and ulceration, targeted herbal supplementation is also a highly beneficial natural ulcerative colitis treatment for more rapid healing.

      If you have ongoing bleeding from the colon, then use Jini’s Healing Implant Enema, MucosaHeal and George’s Aloe Vera Juice, along with an elemental liquid diet. If bleeding is mild or sporadic, take MucosaHeal along with George’s Aloe Vera Juice and L-glutamine. Probiotics are also very helpful, along with the appropriate Healing Diet for colitis (from Jini’s book Listen To Your Gut).

      Please check Jini’s symptom page for Ulcerative Colitis to learn more about nutritional supplements that Jini believe pretty much everyone with colitis disease needs to take. Also, be sure to get Jini’s book Listen to your Gut, since it contains everything you need to heal yourself. And after reading it, you’ll have a good idea of whether you need/want to embark on an elemental diet, or not.

      Kind Regards,
      Cris B
      Customer Care

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