Join me and Josh of as we talk about what I believe are the top supplements/treatments for IBS!

And here is my home remedy page for IBS, where you can find natural treatments for some of the most pressing symptoms of irritable bowel. Even if you haven’t been diagnosed with a bowel problem, these remedies will work to heal whatever irregularity you’re experiencing.

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Supplements mentioned in video:
➡️ B. Infantis – Shop Natren Life Start
➡️ Shop ALL Natren probiotics
➡️ Absorb Plus elemental diet shake
➡️ Sprouted Ground Chia/Flax
➡️ Charcoal or Bentonite Clay (2 weeks MAX)

And if you’d prefer to listen to the podcast audio-only version of this video, here it is:

Listen To Your Gut
Listen To Your Gut
Top Supplements/Treatments for IBS