Teen with Crohn's Perianal Abscess & FistulaThis reader’s story of her journey with her teenaged son is a great example of the kind of tenacity and winding journey real, root-level healing can involve. She gave her permission to share it here as I feel their journey contains numerous details that may be helpful to others. I’ll come back in with some further thoughts at the end. Here we go…

“My now 15-year-old son, Eric, was diagnosed in 2021 with moderate severity Crohn’s everywhere in his digestive tract, starting in the mouth all the way to the sigmoid colon. We started with 9 weeks of exclusive enteral nutrition (EEN). His inflammation markers reduced, Calprotectin was still out of the ballpark of 800. After iron infusion and beginning of regular food, which was low fiber and gluten-free and dairy-free, he got into a flare. Then we started SCD diet and Dr. Snow’s herbal protocol and he got back to almost normal inflammation markers in the middle of January.

February 14 we went to urgent care and the pediatrician diagnosed Eric with boils. He took 14 days 3 times a day 750 mg of Keflex. The bacterial infection on the boils went down, but the pus was still coming from the spot between the butt cheeks and on and off from the two spots under his sphincter, resembling sitz bones.

March 14 at the pediatric Gastroenterologist visit, Eric was told that this is perianal Crohn’s with abscess and fistulas under his skin. We were asked to do an MRI of the pelvis and to go to a surgeon to do a procedure to put a metal rod in the butt and check where the holes are in the rectum. The surgeon would do a procedure to insert setons. During that visit the pediatric Gastroenterologist said that it is with no medication and that Eric should start Humira. He scared my son with horror stories. He told him his parents did not have his best interest in mind. That the GI needs to advocate for his medication because he can help him…. when we got to the car my son broke down and was crying. I was out of sorts for the following week.

I started looking harder for solutions. The diagnostic test was not something we wanted to do and neither was the surgery. I found your StrictureHeal protocol and ordered the ingredients. We started the internal and external protocols. My son’s butt area turned bright red and he was screaming while we were applying it. The abscess between the butt cheeks (as it was healing) would have this bright red stuff coming out of the center of the opening. We were washing it with silver a couple of times a day, and overnight we were applying honey and that was very soothing. Towards the morning it can dry, but if you put a lot of honey and cover it with gauze and tape it stays moist. His whole area looked very bright red and my son refused to continue. The oral drinking solution gave him tummy pain. We stopped.

[NOTE: Mucosal tissue is extremely sensitive to DMSO and potassium iodide (SSKI), so you need to greatly reduce the concentration of both substances to use in these areas (perianal, genitals, mouth, ears, nose. I emailed her this reminder and she replied: “After receiving your email I went back to the formula and decreased the active ingredients of DMSO and SSKI and added olive oil. That made it doable for my son. He has very delicate skin.”]

A couple of weeks later I found help on your site help and an administrator sent me the “Perianal Abscess and Fistula – Natural Treatment” link. I read all three entries multiple times. I bought the veterinary laser. We are doing 5 drops of wild oregano oil once a day internally. One cup of fresh garlic cloves with fresh ginger tea. We mixed olive oil with very little wild oregano oil to apply externally to the butt area. We are trying three treatments a day. First we work with the blue laser for two times three minutes on the open area of the skin. It takes me twice because it is a large area. A drop of two of pus comes out. The pus seems old and gooey from fistulas and the abscess has a white pus. Sometimes no pus at all. Then the 808 infrared laser for 2x 5 minutes on the different areas, even the areas where the skin is intact but you feel the fistulas under the skin leading to the rectum. We move the blue laser in circles or lines because it hurts if you leave it in one position. The other laser I keep about 1 or 1.5 centimeters away from the skin and change position every 30 seconds. It is uncomfortable if left too long in the same spot.

Eric has had seven treatments. We skipped a couple of treatments, as on school days only one was possible. The abscess shrunk visibly. The skin surrounding the abscess is not as hard. The purple skin color is turning more into red. The domes on the fistula openings disappeared. When you look close to the skin you can see little holes. When you touch you can feel an indentation. My son did not want to hear anything about syringing anything. He has medical trauma after the hospital visit. Anyways, just the external application of olive oil and oregano oil and the five drops orally make a big difference. The skin on the butt is softening up. He still has pain and takes a lot of epsom salt baths. He is cleaning with silver. For the school day, we put on organic propolis and honey ointment that has a hardier consistency than raw honey. We are blown away, the whole area is healing.

On Thursday he had a well child check up with the pediatrician – that was after three laser treatments – and the pediatrician also said that it is healing very well. She would not do any antibiotics. At the end of this month, there will be another appointment with a new pediatric Gastroenterologist. She is insisting on the MRI. I will try to ask for a 3D ultrasound. Kaisers Permanente is not very flexible. I am considering just paying it out of pocket. I am waiting for your treatment to take care of the abscess and fistulas. The oil treatment does not hurt. My son is happy to see the healing progress and started making plans for when he heals up. We got his stool calprotectin back and it dropped from over 800 to 101 just on diet and supplements.

Besides the antibiotics once, he has not taken any medication for Crohn’s. He has grown about 25 centimeters (10 inches) and hit puberty in these past months. I will share with you once the treatment is completed and how long it took. Once it is healed up we will continue with the treatment to make sure that deep down everything is healed up. In Australia, there is a study taking place where a 900 laser is being used to treat intestinal inflammation.

I am grateful for all your materials online. I have seen many of your videos, bought your book, and read your site. I like your online shop. You have changed many lives knowing of it or not. You have changed my son’s life with your information, and I am grateful to you from the bottom of my heart.

Update: His stool calprotectin came back and it dropped from over 800 (this is KP’s highest measurable value) to 101, and he still has fistulas and a perianal abscess. This test results show me that things are healing well. The new pediatric gastroenterologist ordered an Alpha-1-Antitrypsin stool test for first time. It should be under 55 mg/dL my son’s was 40 mg/dL. I believe it is a marker for inflammation inside of the small intestine where my son had 15 cm of active inflammation after the nine weeks of EEN. Also, a hint that there are no fistulas in his small intestine to my research. I will follow up with the doctor as she ordered the test and had in mind what information she wanted to receive.

I will continue the protocol and keep in touch about the healing journey. I wanted to help others. I am so grateful for all the support I receive from you and your team.”


I love the way this reader is working with her son in his treatment. Remember that if your child has acute or chronic illness, it’s never just about your child. So I would like this family to go further in looking into the emotional framework and family dynamics – this is crucial for complete and long-term healing.

You can also see how her story highlights a crucial issue in supporting children and teenagers – did you notice the part where they refused the drugs, went full-steam into natural, root-level healing and nutrition, and her son grew 10 inches and entered puberty? It is vitally important that we don’t rob our children of their hormones and growth spurts. Doctors used to be really aware of this, and it was one of the reasons Prednisone was originally restricted to life-threatening situations. Imagine if she’d listened to the bullying gastroenterologist they saw first who wanted to operate and get her son on Humira? Ugh.

Also, if parents (or prospective parents) can become better educated on what produces a strong, protective gut flora, we would not see so many children with GI diseases. Protective measures for the gut and immune system should ideally be put in place before conception. But of course, whenever we can assist our children, is better than just masking the problem and suppressing symptoms with drugs. I know my parents have benefited immensely from my healing journey as their knowledge increased alongside mine, so all healing is good healing. 🙂

The more we can share our healing stories with others, the way this woman is so generously doing, the more people can become educated about all the powerful tools we have to heal ourselves. Imagine how our world would change if people were no longer so afraid of becoming ill – and had the confidence and the medicine tools at home to heal themselves as the need arose?