Is it wise to begin an anti-pathogen treatment in the midst of a flare up? In this video Linsy answers a fantastic reader question we received in response to Linsy’s recent blog post, Anti-Pathogen Treatment: The Fundamental Way to Heal Your Gut!

The question is:

“Hi Linsy. Great blog post. I have a question about something you said – “it’s best to start slowly – not in the midst of severe symptoms.”

You mention it’s best to start when your body is stable and not during a flare. I started with 10 drops of WOO, but only a half teaspoon of probiotics. Is that bad? I thought the WOO protocol will help kill off the nasties (good too) and with the probiotics (2 hours afterwards) will help to improve things. Why would you wait until after a flare?

And what are you supposed to do to “help” the flare if you’re not doing the WOO protocol? I understand the die off symptoms can be tough to deal with – that’s why you mention starting slow, but I’m just not clear on the waiting until after the flare to start the WOO. Am I not understanding correctly? Thanks so much in advance!”

Linsy’s response:

First, I want to say I appreciate you reaching out – especially as this is a FANTASTIC question!

I like to explain it this way…anti-pathogens are very essential for healing naturally. However, if I’m experiencing SEVERE symptoms like hemorrhaging, severe bleeding, constant vomiting like I was right in the beginning, in THOSE cases I’d be really hesitant to start on anti-pathogens. Only because the anti-pathogens usually stir up more symptoms in the beginning, and personally, I wouldn’t want to end up in the hospital if my symptoms increased due to starting the anti-pathogen treatment.

During those severe cases, it may just be too much for the body to process. Your body needs to be stable enough to detox! However, when things are more stable and calmed down – THEN I would definitely introduce the anti-pathogens, as the body can process it better.

When symptoms were tolerable (like diarrhea but no bleeding), I would still take anti-pathogens. If my symptoms were so extreme, however, that I could not take one more ounce of added stress on my body. THEN I would stay away from the anti-pathogens.

During a flare I’ve definitely taken anti-pathogens, but ONLY when my body was ready to handle the detoxing. I set myself up for success by prepping my body for detox and healing the mucosal layer BEFORE I started anti-pathogens. If you have severe symptoms and your body is telling you it’s not ready to begin anti-pathogens yet, there is still a lot you can do to build yourself up to introduce those.

Two things I used to heal the mucosal layer before I introduced anti-pathogens are L-Glutamine and MucosaCalm.

MucosaCalm helped get my bleeding down so I could begin taking WOO, and L-Glutamine helped with calming & strengthening my mucosal lining.

Again LISTEN to your body and GUT! You know yourself well enough that you can feel if it’s time to start anti-pathogens, or if your gut is too sensitive.

When I am going through major life stressors, like moving homes – I know my body, and I KNOW it would be too much if I also start an anti-pathogen treatment at the same time. I would Herx for sure and my body would be miserable!

When I say Herx, for those of you who are not familiar with that term, I mean I would have a reaction to the bad bacteria dying off as a result from the anti-pathogen. I actually recently filmed a video with Jini on extreme Herx reactions & IBD.

So, as I was saying – when I start an anti-pathogen, I make sure to tune into how I’m feeling, what’s going on around me, my environment – making sure it’s the right time to begin the anti-pathogen treatment so I don’t push myself and worsen my symptoms in the process.

Alright! Well, S, I hope that answered your question! And if you are interested in learning more about Jini’s favorite anti-pathogen, Wild Oregano Oil, make sure to download Jini’s FREE eBook, What You Need to Know About Wild Oregano Oil.

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And there you have it! I always love receiving questions from you all, so PLEASE feel free to reach out with any you may have! Until next time – happy healing, and always listen to your gut!