*Updated July 2019

smoothieIf you take any kind of photo with your cell phone and then upload it anywhere on the Internet (Facebook, Instagram, blog, email it to someone, etc.) you have just broadcast your exact location to anyone who wants to find out.

So you have told people where your house is, the actual room the photo was taken in, your kids’ school (for example) – and provided them with a photo of your stuff, or loved ones. This is particularly worrying for stalker, pedophile, theft or kidnap scenarios.

How is this done? Well, when you take a photo with your mobile phone, your GPS location is automatically embedded into the photo. Anyone can then access your location (via satellite – GPS tracking) simply by right-clicking on the photo you emailed or posted on the Internet.

Fortunately, this is also very easily disabled. Here is the exact process for the iPhone and I’m sure other phones have a similar pathway:

Go to: Settings –> Location Services –> Camera – OFF

Here’s the video that tells you all the details and shows you exactly how this happens and why you want to disable GPS location services from your camera!

And while you’re at it, remember to use the same SETTINGS to disable WiFi whenever you don’t absolutely need it – to reduce your radiation load:

Go to:  Settings –> Airplane – ON

Use airplane mode for all the functions of your cellphone that don’t require sending or receiving – like playing games, reading emails, taking photos or videos.

For my kids and I, we never carry around an active cell phone. We put it into Airplane mode and then only turn WiFi on to make a call or text, check for messages, and then we put it back into Airplane mode – this is really easy to do since it’s one click.