Know About My Supplement Regime

Now that I’m perfectly healthy, what do I take on a daily/weekly basis to sustain my superb health? I can’t tell you how many friends and family members have asked for this list! But first of all, let me define what I mean by ‘superb health’.

I’m 55 years old now, I have zero health issues and take zero drugs. My hair is thick and healthy and grows an inch per month. My fingernails grow so fast I have to cut them every two weeks. I don’t need glasses or any other corrective equipment. I fall asleep easily, sleep 6-7 hours. And wake up naturally without an alarm.

I have strong, sustained energy throughout the day… with no afternoon slump. I don’t need caffeine or anything in the morning – I wake up ready to go – and my morning tea is usually rooibos, or raspberry leaf.

Jini walking on her ranch during the day surrounded by the horses' herd and her dog

Jini with horses, dogs, trees, earth

My Secret

I hang out with dogs and my herd of previously wild/semi-feral horses and can easily do 4-6 hours of manual labor – this is part of what keeps me in superb health! I’m outside, breathing fabulous fresh air from the old growth cedars and firs, with amazing horse-beings, and my feet on the earth. I’m touching and breathing in a super diverse microbiome created by hundreds of plants, poop, fungi, moss, trees, dozens of bird species, insects, bats, mice… I could go on! (*See video below)

Remember the Hygiene Theory – that one of the reasons humans are so sick in this era and kids have so many allergies, is due to hyper-sterility? Humans have lived in an ecosystem of plant, soil and animal life for thousands of years. And our immune systems have evolved in that matrix.

Where things go sideways is when humans isolate in cities void of nature, or when the soil, plants, water, animals etc are not healthy – and often this is due to humans mucking about. Alright, back to the topic of this post!

Jini's selfie

Jini – no filter, no makeup, natural sunlight

My Supplement Regime as per Seasons

My supplementation varies according to season, stress level, travel etc. Winter puts more stress on my body due to the lack of sunshine in the Pacific Northwest – so I hugely increase my vitamin D3 intake.

Which means I also need to hugely increase my magnesium intake; because vitamin D3 requires magnesium to be converted to it’s active/usable form in the body!

I also do a lot of intense physical labor out at my ranch. Especially during the summer, for up to 7 hours at a time, but usually 3-4 hours at least 4 days per week. So that increases my need for QuikPlus Magnesium (to avoid cramping) and QuikPlus Silica (to avoid joint pain).

In the summer and fall, I am eating home-grown veggies, grown in soil composted from my horse manure and teeming with earthworms and beneficial microorganisms. So I only use MultiAbsorb Daily Essential once or twice per week and sometimes not at all.

In the winter, while travelling, or during stressful periods, I’ll use MultiAbsorb Immune Booster daily, or as needed.

I also use QuikPlus Bone Matrix and Trace Matrix every day or two, year round. These minerals and trace minerals are all in atom-size form (nano, picometer, angstrom) so they are instantly absorbed into the bloodstream and don’t irritate the gut or build up in unwanted places (like joints or arteries).

I also take QuikPlus Magnesium or Muscle Matrix, along with extra Silica in the summer as I’m physically active and often working hard during the spring/summer/fall months. Winter is the time for rest (or travel!) when you work on a 160-acre ranch.

Tip: I keep bottles of all my QuikPlus minerals on my desk, and also next to my kettle (which is next to my Berkey filtered water). That way, they’re always close to hand to shoot a few dropperfuls into my tea or water.

Mindful Consumption

I don’t consume any commercial powdered minerals (except for the very low amounts in MultiAbsorb), since the liquid atom-sized minerals are a far superior form and identical to how we receive minerals from plants.

Unfortunately, due to the tragedy of modern agriculture, most of those minerals are no longer present in our soil, and certainly not in sufficient quantity – so we are not receiving these crucial minerals from the plants/veggies we ingest.

The one thing I consume year-round – as humans have done for millennia – is Natren therapeutic-level probiotics. Unless you’re culturing your own yoghurt and kefir (from proven, potent strains) and eating them daily, you need Natren to have a strong, resilient gut.

Once my family was in Mexico and the entire resort had vomiting and diarrhea – except us. Because we had brought our Natren probiotics, kept them in the bar fridge, and consumed them daily!

So now that you understand a bit of the framework, or ‘why’ around my supplementation, here’s my regime:

Winter/Stressful Period Supplement Regime

These I add all together to my water bottle or tea:

Summer Supplement Regime

These I add all together to my water bottle or tea:

And that’s it – pretty simple, yet powerful! Because MultiAbsorb contains 37 – 47 crucial ingredients (depending on which version you’re using) all in 1 scoop with no fillers, flow agents, preservatives, or artificial anything. All your vitamins, amino acids, bioflavonoids, antioxidants,  are in MA Daily Essential. Additional supplements for eye health, gut, liver, endocrine, and respiratory health are in MA Immune Booster.

This summer, I harvested wild growing burdock root from my ranch. So I also did a few months of combining burdock tincture with Trace Matrix for extra gut health and detox support. Burdock is fantastic for cleansing your blood, liver, gallbladder, spleen and lymph. The trace minerals and aminos in Trace Matrix, harvested from ancient soil, are excellent chelators and improve the tight junctions in the gut mucosa (preventing leaky gut):

illustration of small glass bottles containing trace matrix

I had a very limited amount of burdock tinctures available this year, but if you’d like to get on the pre-order list for Spring harvest, just email us!

Here’s a peek into the matrix of healthy life at the Singing Horse Ranch. Perhaps I will gather birch polypore for you next year…