Although I have been blogging about the health hazards of WiFi/microwave radiation for over a decade, this is a fabulous 2-minute film trailer that really hits on the key issues:

Watch it and share it with ALL your loved ones. There is SUCH a lack of education, because there is so much money involved in suppressing the research, that we really have to get active to spread the word.

When people come to my house they can’t believe we don’t have WiFi. But we have hard-wired cable (super fast, 100% secure fibre optic cable) outlets in every single room in the house, even out on the porch! So people can’t complain about the lack of convenience. And when they see how fast the upload and download speeds are, they can even appreciate it.

My hardwired computer, phone, mouse & keyboard with wired headset for my landline phone – in my home office

If you’re inspired to make some changes, here’s what you can do right now to protect your health and create a healing environment in your home.

6 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Radiation Exposure

1. Turn your WiFi router off and unplug it from the wall when you go to sleep. Unplug it any other time you are not using it. Of course, it’s best if you switch to hardwire, but most people are not ready to make that shift unless they’re quite ill, so unplugging your WiFi router is something you can do right away to make a difference. Turning if off will likely not work – most routers still emit radiation unless they are unplugged.

2. Put your cellphone in Airplane mode any time you are not actively using it. I leave my phone in Airplane 95% of the time – I just turn it on if I’m waiting for a call/text. Or I text my kids to figure out a plan, then I put it back in Airplane. If I have a lot of text messages, I leave the phone in Airplane mode (with WiFi and Bluetooth also turned off) while I respond and send all the messages (yes they will say “undelivered”). Then when I’m finished, I take the phone out of Airplane and put it down somewhere (so I’m not holding it) so all the messages/emails can send. On my iPhone this happens automatically. If not, then click “Re-send” or “try again” on every text. This greatly cuts my live exposure time.

NOTE: Putting your phone in Airplane will not turn off your WiFi or Bluetooth, unless you set your phone up to do so. Normally, Airplane mode only turns off cellphone data.

3. Turn off Bluetooth on every device, computer etc you own! I tested the radiation from Bluetooth on my son’s computer, and it was much higher than the radiation from WiFi or his cellphone data. Who knew?? Turning off Bluetooth is the easiest way to cut your radiation exposure. TIP: Many computers automatically turn on Bluetooth every time you restart them. So always double-check that it’s still turned off.

I had a headache working at my computer one day (I never get headaches) and when I checked the Bluetooth, it was on. Turns out, there had a been a power surge during the night, so my computer had restarted and Apple has set up their operating software so that Bluetooth automatically turns on. Grrr.

4. When driving in your car, crack at least one window – metal boxes are great for making radiation ping around, thus increasing your exposure.

5. Get the desktop version for as many apps as you can – this will cut your time spent on your cell. But, if your computer runs on WiFi, then don’t bother, because although it’s a further distance from your organs than your phone, the radiation is usually much stronger.

6. Get an airtube or wired headset for your phone and attach a ferrite bead to the wire. Or at least use it on speakerphone, away from your head.

7. Hardwire your home Internet when you’re ready to seriously minimize your EMR exposure. My good friend, Jeromy Johnson (engineer) has this great guide with step-by-step instructions.

WiFi and cellphone radiation is pretty much everywhere now. The ONLY place we can control or reduce exposure is in our home. Giving our body 8 hours/day to heal and restore functioning damaged by WiFi is probably our best defense against this ubiquitous toxin. Lord knows you don’t want to get to the place where you become electrohypersensitive (EHS) and have to go to extremes to be able to function at all.