QUESTION: I’ve made the homemade HemorrHeal Rectal Suppository Formula for Internal Hemorrhoids and I’ve also had Rubber-Band Ligation of Hemorrhoids performed by a proctologist (cca. 6 procedures in the last 6 months). As using the formula and the ligation procedures have taken place roughly during the same time, I can say that hemorrhoids haven’t returned, probably due to both reasons. On the other hand, I do have major problems with my anal sphincter. When I go to the bathroom to empty my stools (usually twice in the morning) and wipe the behind, all day through I have issues, as it it becomes unclean again (and moist and a burning sensation when walking) in about an half an hour, or even sooner. If I take a shower and clean it with water, it doesn’t help much. My proctologist said it’s a problem of loose anal sphincter, yet he had no recommendations on what I can do about it (I’m heterosexual male so sexual practices are not the reason for the problem). He only advised I gently massage my anal sphincter and canal with oily creams in order to smooth it, yet that does not help at all.
I would really appreciate any advice on your part for this problem, as it really significantly decreases the quality of my life and movement (I can’t even go jogging anymore and I’ve become very depressed about it).
Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

ANSWER: Well a few things jump right out at me from your description – do you mean that you have undergone SIX rubber-band ligations in the last 6 months? I wonder if the surgeon damaged your sphincter muscle during any of the procedures… Fecal incontinence is the top long-term symptom of sphincter dilation – so that shows how easily the muscle can be damaged. As I believe that everything can be healed, if it were me, here’s how I would proceed – and I wouldn’t do these in order, but rather, all at once:

1. Keep going with the HemorrHeal as the same formula can be used to heal strictures and other damaged tissues. Really listen to your body as to the pace/frequency of usage; maybe once per day, maybe 3x/week, etc. Also should you use it at night?

2. Relieve your psychological anxiety by using menstrual panty liners, or mini-pads in your underwear. Buy jockeys if you usually wear boxers, as the pads need to be held in place to catch the feces. Carry them with you when you go out and change them as often as needed – just wrap in toilet paper and throw in the garbage. Do NOT let this condition stop you from enjoying life – just make an adjustment and do what feeds your soul and makes you happy – healing is much faster in a positive space!

3. Address the mind/body/spirit component of your condition. WHY did you keep developing hemorrhoids? WHAT is the message your body is giving you via this condition? For more guidance, on exactly what I mean by this, see these posts:

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Also watch this:

You might also want to use this guided meditation specifically for hemorrhoids and anal sphincter issues.

4. Take the pressure off your sphincter when you have a bowel movement. Use a stepping stool, or Squatty Potty to get your knees higher than your hips when you poo. BUT if this also puts too much pressure on the sphincter too quickly (by opening the rectal canal) then lean back. Or also put your legs out in front (on the stool) when you lean back. Watch the first 3 videos in this sequence to learn how to make your bowel movements easier and put less pressure on the anal sphincter muscle:

If anyone has any further questions, or ideas, or stories to share – please leave them in the Comments section below!