licensed imageHave you ever wondered what blood food allergy tests actually mean?

When you order an IGE or IGA test, to test your blood for food allergies – what exactly is being tested, what do the results mean, and how reliable are they?

This is NOT a cheap test to have done (around $250-$300), so if you’re thinking about ordering it, or if you’ve already had it done, I encourage you to listen to my teleseminar with Dr. Wendy Ellis where we discuss all the aspects of food allergies and testing:

  • Why are some foods that cause undesirable gut reactions showing up as OKAY on my blood allergy test?
  • My blood allergy test shows a strong reaction to a food that causes me no discernible adverse reactions – how can this be and what does it mean?
  • Do homeopathic and allergy desensitization treatments like NAET actually work?
  • How do emotions and stress affect food allergies?
  • Is there any difference in allergic reactions between pasture-raised and factory-farmed foods?
  • And so much more!

I’m even going to show you the results of my own IGG4 and IGE test, so you can follow along and see exactly what we’re talking about.

DOWNLOAD Jini’s Food Allergy Blood Test Results (so you can follow along)

Now click the PLAY button below to listen in…