Well I have to say, I never thought I’d be writing this post… as you know, I discontinued carrying Mini-Minerals Bone Support in the LTYG Shoppe because I strongly suspected it did not meet its label claims.

However, I have since been inundated with emails from readers all saying some version of this:

“I know it probably doesn’t contain what it says on the label, but I don’t care. I like the product and I’ve had no cavities since I started using it/it feels good to my body/I still like it. So I want to keep buying Bone Support.”

So I’ve decided to bring Bone Support back to the Shoppe, for those of you who still want to use it. And I will fulfill my desire for integrity by posting this notice at the top of the Shoppe listing:

NOTE: Even though we suspect this product does not meet label claim, we are restocking it due to customer demand. You can read all the details about this issue here: Bring Bone Support Back

I have always advocated listening to our own body wisdom above any data, test, research, etc. So if my readers feel this product is good for their body and their body wants it – then so be it. Of course, this product benefited myself and my family for many years – that’s why I stocked it in the first place.

However, my family now uses QuikPlus Bone Matrix which I believe has a superior formula (including silica, along with the correct ratio of zinc:copper) and I 100% guarantee it meets its label claim. If you want it to be more “tasteless” (like Bone Support) you can simply add water to dilute it.

Hope that helps and always listen to your gut!