We often receive questions from readers who are trying Absorb Plus, with no prior experience using an elemental diet. In the below featured video, I get hands on and show you how to mix Absorb Plus properly for best tasting results and maximum efficiency. I also talk about the different types of healthy oils you can add to your shakes for beneficial omega fatty acids, and how to add them correctly.

*Being an elemental diet shake, keep in mind that if you mix Absorb Plus with any liquids other than water it is no longer 100% elemental.

To get the best taste from Absorb Plus:

  • Pour 1 cup (8 ounces) of water into a blender or BlenderBottle (you can use more water, if desired)
  • Add 1 tsp – 1 tsbp cold-pressed oil (Flax, Udo’s, or MCT oil), if desired
  • Adjust above according to tolerance – the more the better if you are trying to regain weight
  • To water, add 4 level scoops of Absorb Plus (1 kg tub)
  • Please note that sample sizes are one serving and do not have scoops – use the entire sample-sized tub
  • Shake or whip on LOW speed for max 10 seconds
  • Pour over ice if you’d like, and be sure to drink slowly for maximum nutrient absorption
  • Do NOT use hot liquids, as it will denature the ingredients

If you are not on a fully elemental diet (read about the benefits of half-elemental diets), you can use nut milk instead of water, or add fruit. Here are some great shake recipe ideas using our Absorb Plus vegan line, however you can substitute for any flavor/line you wish.

You can also use raw cow’s or goat’s milk, but I explain below why soy milk and rice milk are not good options.

Feel free to leave any of your questions or comments below.

This is an updated version of a previously published article.