If you have had any sort of surgery on your GI tract including removal or reduction in size of an organ, you may be finding it difficult to retain the nutritional content of food you ingest because it passes through you so quickly. People frequently ask me if Jini has any thoughts on this subject and she actually made a post on our forums in response to this question some time ago so I have shared it below:

I did have one reader whose colon had been removed, plus he had short bowel syndrome (where a lot of the small intestine has been removed). Needless to say, getting enough nutrients is a challenge for him! He has used Absorb Plus regularly and ongoing for about 3-4 years now. However, what he found helped was to also take some psyllium seed powder at the same time, to slow down the transit and bulk up the liquid. He would also take some L-Glutamine on an empty stomach to further assist – but he found the psyllium worked better for him than the L-Glutamine (which makes sense since L-Glutamine’s water-absorption activity is primarily in the colon).

Also, don’t forget that RAW milk (cow or goat) is a fantastic, unprocessed source of perfect nutrition. I write about it in Issue #1 of the infoletter:


and there are people who have consumed NOTHING but raw cow’s milk for 40 -50 years and remain in superb health. For a source of raw milk in your area go to:


You can get psyllium seed husk powder in most health stores, but just in case, we also sell it in the Health Shoppe:


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