Wild Oregano Oil for Bee Stings & Bug BitesWith summer still in full swing, so are all of the insects – which means BEES! If you have ever been stung, you know how painful it can be.

My mother is a bit allergic, so we were of course concerned when she informed us that she was stung. The bee got her finger, and it was immediately red, swollen, and hurting.

My mom looked at me, knowing I work with Jini, and asked me, “what should I do?” Looking for a natural way to relieve the situation, my brain started working away, and I started thinking about supplements with anti-inflammatory properties…

Wild Oil of Oregano!” I blurted out about thirty seconds later. Wild oregano oil has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, so my first thought was it could help “bring everything down.”

Fingers immediately after sting

Immediately after sting

I immediately went into the kitchen and grabbed the wild oil of oregano we had (North American Herb & Spice brand from Jini’s Shoppe) and saturated it on the finger where she was stung. We let it sit on there with nothing else touching it and waited.

Within minutes she said the pain was gone! And two hours later, the inflammation was gone.

After two days of applying wild oregano oil topically to the area, it looked like nothing had even happened – which is pretty incredible because bite/sting marks can stay sometimes for a while.

Since my mom’s bee sting, we have used WOO a lot this summer for any other bites. My friend tried it for her mosquito bites…and low and behold in a few minutes the itching was gone!

Fingers two hours after with WOO

Two hours after with WOO

Jini actually has an entire section on antivenom protocols in her eBook, What You Need To Know About Wild Oregano Oil (download your free copy here!). You will find the antivenom information on page 14, where Jini explains how she used this with all her family members.

In the ebook, Jini also explains that wild oregano oil is capable of neutralizing certain venomous bites from toxins and pathogens. It’s also useful for preventing infection from animal bites and puncture wounds, as it reduces inflammation and pain from stings or bites.

She recommends applying it directly to the site, then taking a few drops internally to amplify the effect.

She advises an even further dilution of 7:1 (7 drops of organic, cold-pressed olive oil to 1 drop wild oregano oil) for children if their wound/bite/sting is on the face (keep away from the eyes), and a 4:1 dilution for adults and facial bites/stings/wounds.

Fingers two days later!

Two days later!

Jini says that full strength can be used for adults on limbs and torso, which is why, for Mom’s sting, I placed it directly on her bite without any dilution. If this causes discomfort, feel free to add more olive oil to your mixture. Use a 4:1 dilution for children on their limbs and torsos.

*Note: Never use essential oil of oregano topically or internally! It’s best to only use Jini’s recommended brands of wild oregano oil because they are already diluted appropriately.

Alternatives to Wild Oregano Oil

If WOO doesn’t work for your bites, or you can’t use it for some reason, a great alternative is bentonite clay! The one we carry in the shoppe can also be used topically.

According to the company (Great Plains), “it is good for skin irritations, rashes, bug bites & acne (helps also to take it internally), and many other things. We have customers who use it for a mask and also clay baths.”

So, you can take the bentonite clay and put it on the sting or bite. If it were me, personally, I would leave it on at least 20 minutes – if not more – to assist with irritation and pull out any toxins from the sting or bite.

Have you ever used WOO or bentonite clay for bug bites or stings? If and/or when you try these methods, please let me know how your experiences were! Did it help? Drop a comment below, and share with me.

Until next time, happy healing – and always listen to your gut!