ANYONE in an immune-compromised or vulnerable place of health needs to get on this immediately. I know of many people – even strong, healthy people, whose bodies hit that ‘overload’ place and they became EHS (electrohypersensitive). Their lives changed completely overnight. They could no longer LIVE in a city and in the beginning, some had to literally go camp in a tent in remote areas to allow their body to calm down and begin to re-set. Jeromy Johnson is a former Silicon valley engineer who’s one of them (not someone prone to making stuff up!).

(c) My Street My Choice

Many cities and counties across the U.S. are currently rolling out and installing 4G and 5G wireless. Scientists have been worried about this for quite a while, but now even people like this Harvard lawyer are getting concerned – and their concerns are making it into mainstream magazines like Wired:

“This got my attention: It turns out that sweat glands, right under the skin, effectively act as antennas in response to the very-high-frequency millimeter waves planned to be used in 5G communications—which is why the Department of Defense uses millimeter-wave crowd-control guns. If you’re hit by one of these beams, it apparently feels as if your body is on fire. But there’s no lasting harm, according to DOD.”

Here’s lot of peer-reviewed research on the radiation effects of 4G/5G wireless. AND let’s not ignore the effects on other earthlings: As this article from ScienceDirect shows that radio frequency fields in the MHz range disrupt insect and bird orientation – existing guidelines do not adequately protect wildlife.

Not surprisingly, California seems to be the most organized in resisting this health threat to both humans and animals and there is a very organized protest-action site here, called My Street My Choice.

People in other states/cities can get in touch with them, or with the Environmental Health Trust for help and ideas to take action before it’s too late.

Those of us in Canada are watching closely… cause we know if it all goes through in the U.S., it’s not long before it’s coming up here. Gah!

I have been blogging about the negative health effects of microwave radiation (cellphones, WiFi, cordless phones, baby monitors, smart homes, etc) for over a decade now. My entire house is hardwired with fiber optic cable Internet. My cellphone is in Airplane mode 90% of the time and I run all the apps I need off my desktop. My home phone is a corded landline. I have a radiation meter that I use to test where my kids sit in school and also to show my kids how much radiation comes out of their phones, or if they sit in front of a computer running WiFi. I have refused to have a Smart Meter on my house and I pay the extra monthly fee to have a person come read my meter.

YES we can do a lot to protect our bodies. Don’t rely on an industry that is making billions of dollars from this technology to care about protecting your health.

If you live in the USA, start here by SIGNING THIS PETITION