This post is just for my awesome Aussie readers… I want to make sure you know about this…

For years now, you have been emailing me about the horrendous shipping costs of Absorb Plus to Australia (for those of you not in AU, we’re talking $250-$300!) and asking when we will have Absorb Plus elemental shakes available locally for you.

I listened! And it’s taken almost 4 years to set up a collaboration with a local Australian health company – do you know that your health product regulations on Imports are super, super strict? I guess the AU gov’t wants you guys to produce everything in-country, so they make it really difficult for manufacturers in other countries to import. The same thing happened with Natren probiotics and it’s why they finally gave up trying to get their probiotics into Australia – I talked to Natasha Trenev personally about this, and the AU gov’t demands were outrageous!

Okay, so back to Absorb Plus in Australia… Working together with Imix Nutrition (who manufacture Absorb Plus), we set up this collaboration with Vitramed Digestive Health Pty in Sydney – so it’s their name you will see on the label of the elemental shake product they branded ElementGold. BUT you need to know that ElementGold is basically the Australian version of Absorb Plus! We have used the same ingredients, but I had to tweak levels and some forms for AU regulations, and it is manufactured in the same facility as Absorb Plus, bottled, labeled and shipped to Australia. This recent feedback from an Aussie reader who tried one of the free samples makes it clear:

Hi, The new chocolate royale ElementGold tastes exactly the same as the original Absorb plus in my opinion.
It is a wonderful product, mixes well with water, the chocolate flavour is so good. I feel energetic soon after having it. The best part is that it’s really nourishing to your body with gastrointestinal specific ingredients. I won’t buy any other powders because of this reason. Kind regards. – D.K.

So just to be clear…

YES. We now have an elemental shake product that I formulated, called ElementGold, in-stock, in our Australian warehouse, with country-wide shipping at a very reasonable rate.

ElementGold is essentially the same elemental shake as Absorb Plus.

I formulated ElementGold and therefore I can ensure quality control.

Did you receive the email offering you a free sample to try it? If not, just email Argenta and she’ll ship one out to you.

Please let me know any questions, thoughts, feedback etc. in the Comments section below – I’d love to hear from you!