FissureHeal is a natural, effective alternative to steroid suppositories; helps soothe and heal anal fissures.

Jini says: These suppositories contain comfrey – which is a fantastic wound healer. Therefore, they heal anal or rectal fissures amazingly quickly. I’ve used them myself numerous times. Because they’re so long, you can break them into shorter pieces and get 2-3 suppositories out of each one. They’re also extra-thin so no matter how traumatized or sore your rectum is, you can insert them easily.

Important: Professional herbalists and naturopathic physicians take a very different stance on comfrey use from the established authorities. Many herbalists and NDs feel it’s safe to use comfrey as long as you don’t use it continually, long-term. Therefore, they recommend you use it in moderate doses for 3 to 6 months, then take a break of 1 month to allow the liver to cleanse properly, then resume use for 3 to 6 months, etc. as needed. Comfrey has become one of the FDA’s targeted substances – likely due to its effectiveness, so when you do your research, keep that in mind.

Personally, I have used comfrey repeatedly on broken skin for myself and my kids. I have used it repeatedly as a suppository and I have used it as a Healing Implant Enema to stop colonic bleeding. You, of course, should do your research, follow your naturopathic doctor’s advice, and only do what feels safe for you.

    Here’s a summary about the FissureHeal product and its benefits:

  1. Soothe and protect sore and wounded anal/rectal tissue
  2. Help heal and soothe rectal fistulas (tears that penetrate right through the rectal canal) when used long-term and combined with an elemental or liquid diet
  3. Soothe and help heal hemorrhoids
  4. Lubricate and moisturize the rectum for easier stool passage and help prevent further tearing from hard, solid stool
  5. Ultra-thin for easy insertion
  6. Extra-long so they can reach a fissure even high up in the rectal canal
  7. A natural, effective alternative to steroid suppositories
  8. Great for children or adults
  9. Help heal ulcers, fissures and fistula
What are the benefits of using FissureHeal?

4 thoughts on “What are the benefits of using FissureHeal?

  • Hello,

    What a wonderful,resource this blog is. Yesterday I bought numerous suppliments and also Jini’s healing implant. I was intending in following your wild oregano protocol along with Jini’s probiotic enema after watching and teading your advice on IBD.

    I have been diagnosed 1st time with ulcerative colitis and after 2 no colonoscopy Procitisis. Recently I aggressively again new things to my regime which has resulted in my bleeding returning along with gas and bloating.

    I have stopped all supplementation for 4’days now and have been following the stop bleeding diet as bleeding was only mild and intermittent. Had only the tiniest bit of bleeding the day before yesterday and 1 bowel movement. However last night I had more bleeding with my bowel movement and I think it now possibly sounds like an internal haemorrhoid. I still have gas and bloating but no other pain, the blood was bright red and I experience this gushing/poping sensation, then dripping bright red blood.

    My Question really is will Jinis healing implant do the same as Fissureheal if it is indeed an internal haemorrhoid. I think it could be both.
    If not I may want to add it to my order which I have received notification that it will be shipped on Monday as it is a refrigerated international order.

    Thanks you in advance for your time.

    1. Hello Michelle,

      Thank you for the inquiry. I see our customer service has responded to your email concerning adding onto your order. It is best to contact customer service when you are in need of any concerns or changes on your order. You can reach them through any of these following methods:
      Please let us know if you have any further questions concerning this. Hope you are able to help you feel better soon.

      Kind Regards,
      Customer Care

  • These fissure heal suppositories sound great! Comfrey is definitely a miracle herb for healing wounded tissues. However, I would like to add a warning about the oregano oil. I had two grapefruit sized anal abscesses two years ago. As I am averse to doctors I wanted to heal myself without antibiotics. I had a fever of 104º F for four weeks! I was in more pain than ever before in my life and could hardly move. I started using the oregano protocol and got the brand you recommended. The infection cleared up, the abscesses finally broke open and drained after hot salt baths, herbal poultices of Plantain leaves, Comfrey, Lesser Celendine and clay. I fasted on liquids, mostly water, for one month, because this is how I healed an anal fissure many years ago just fasting on water for about three weeks. (I was used to fasting for health and spiritual reasons and it just made sense to me not to send food through an opening that would rip open again until it was completely healed and could take the stress of a bowel movement.)
    BUT after using the oregano oil I feel that my intestines were ulcerated and I have a hard time digesting things. Of course I use probiotics but I feel that the oregano oil was too much. This will burn your skin so I am pretty sure this is what happened. I did dilute it as directed but I do not remember the specifics of what I did. I think the water fasting made the oregano oil too strong and my insides have not been the same since. I feel that they are healing slowly but to it’s credit, the fever never returned.
    I am thankful to read this about the Comfrey in the suppositories which I will start using as tea for awhile and also order the suppositories. When I was researching the abscesses at that time I read not to use the comfrey internally because it may be dangerous to heal the internal tear without any outlet for the infection. I still have a leaking bit of pus sometimes so I think if I keep this open and able to drain it will allow the Comfrey to do it’s job without worry.

    Thank you for your work Jini. At that time I had nowhere else to turn and your website was a Godsend! Thank you for all that you do for the suffering masses. Peace, to you.
    If this should have been posted somewhere els please feel free to move my comment there also.

    1. Hi Judith, Thank you so much for sharing your experience here! That’s very interesting to know as I have never heard of anyone using wild oregano with NO food for an extended period of time. Perhaps in the absence of any food you would have been able to use a greatly reduced dose and obtain the same effect? I do know that taking the high dose Natren probiotics once per day during the protocol is CRUCIAL to protect against the effects you describe. Hope all is well with you now and all the best, and you’re welcome!

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