Were you abused, abandoned, beaten, traumatized? Those of you who’ve been on this mind/body/spirit healing journey for a while – or those of you who’ve already done my free tapping session on releasing emotions stored in the gut – understand very well how trauma, emotional pain, or anger are stored in the body and seriously affect the health of the body.

But did you know this can happen to your animals too? That they can take abuse, abandonment, pain, and trauma from a human, into their own physical body, for various reasons. Well, here’s my story about that phenomena and how it led to me creating an in-depth healing series for humans:

If this resonates with you at all – or someone you know or love that was abused, abandoned, beaten, traumatized – come on over and


And of course, feel free to share the video or this webpage with anyone who might benefit: Lazertapping.com/masc

What an amazing journey life is! I’m privileged to be able to share it with so many wondrous beings.

If you try the free session, I’d love to hear your feedback, or anything you experienced…