My message from my craniosacral session this week was about further integration of the left and right sides of my body.

The left side of the body corresponds to the feminine.
The right side is the masculine.

In my body, this delineation is so pronounced that my fingernails on my right hand are just like my Dad’s. And my left hand has my Mum’s fingernails – and no, they do not look anything alike!


My left and right index fingers

The feminine (yin) is all about nurturing, being receptive, listening, intuition, empathy, compassion, receiving, etc.

The masculine (yang) is about taking action, manifesting, boundary-setting, protecting yourself and loved ones, making things happen in the world and physical realm.

So in my craniosacral session, my body was calling me to integrate my left/right, feminine/masculine further. This is something I’ve been working on for a couple decades, but hey, there’s always a new layer or aspect to take it further! So at this point, further integration means that I am to ACT decisively, powerfully, quickly etc. but at the same time be tuned in, listening, and receptive; to my intution, divine guidance, signs and synchronicity.

I realized that my tendency is to tune in, get my guidance/vision and then go act.

But I am being called to toggle continually between the two, ongoing, and gradually lessen the gap to where I can hold the space of both doing/being simultaneously.

So here’s my challenge to you:

Combine action with listening to your gut. Do them both, simultaneously – be ready to chop and change, about-face, or change directions, zig and zag. As long as you’re staying in action/motion, listening to your gut, it’s all good. It doesn’t have to be easy, or smooth.

Ease and speed are not always the markers that we’re on the right path – sometimes they are, and sometimes not. For example, healing is VERY hard, there is lots of difficulty, set-backs, struggle, but it is still the right direction, it is still the right path, with the mandate that – no matter what – we MUST MOVE FORWARD. We must move into wholeness.

At any point in your daily movements, pause and check in to where you are holding tension in your body. Breathe into the place of tension, or send energy there until it can soften. If it can’t, change your posture so it can. The idea is to move powerfully, but without tension or bracing.

Eventually, may we all get to the point where we can move through our days as powerfully as my horse, Montaro.

Jini & Montaro

Jini & Montaro

We Must Move Forward!

4 thoughts on “We Must Move Forward!

  • Hi Jini, I was interested to read this as in the last few weeks I’ve become very aware that the two sides of my body feel very different too! I get all my problems on my right side – the area in my gut that is prone to inflammation, a sore shoulder – my right eye and nostril are even smaller than my left eye as nostril! It is as though there is a contraction and tension all down my right side. And thinking about what you say, I realise I am an extremely intuitive and feeling person and have been pretty terrible at taking decisive action, setting boundaries and manifesting things physically! I had been really clueless about how to start addressing the energy imbalance I feel in my body and you have given me a clue, so, thank you! ?

  • Hmmm………. I have been thinking about this for a few years, but I can’t get it to make sense. My vision is twice as bad on my left side. My right side is more tense because it has been carrying most of the weight, because my left foot is more flat, for example. So I am weaker on the left (feminine) side and the right (masculine) is more tense because of it. So does that indicate I need to work on integrating femininity? I had an absent father, but I am intuitive and empathetic.However I have resisted relationships and especially the thoughts of a family, because it scares me to death, lol. How do they suggest you integrate the two then? Or three, mother, father and child aspects? I used to act without listening to intuition, I have changed that now after practicing boundaries and intuition. But I can still feel pretty disconnected from the feminine, I feel super weird with the word “mother” and I have some recurring problems with my “female parts”, lol, like uterus, ovaries and urinary tract etc. What to dooooo? 🙂

  • It is very interesting. I try to be more in touch, but I fail to remember sometimes to listen. As healthy as I try to make my lifestyle, there is always room for improvement.

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