Just a heads up that I am currently in testing to determine the best vegan protein powder for you guys. I posted on Facebook and asked for your favorites and I am currently taste-testing and usage-testing several lines, so I can cherry-pick the best products for you. Here’s an example of what my kitchen island looks like lately!:


I’ve also been testing some really yummy vegan whole food bars – my litmus test (after I’ve approved the ingredients and tolerance levels) is to get my kids… and then their friends to taste them.

I’ll post here again when I’ve made my selections and they’re in LTYG Shoppe.

Which reminds me, I have also found the most fantastic grass-fed whey protein (from raw milk!). I have finished the testing process and it will be arriving at LTYG Shoppe soon, so watch out for my post next week where I tell you all about that.

Happy Easter and Spring Break!