Vulnerability – the ability to be vulnerable; open, raw, honest, authentic… this is a concept my life’s journey (and Healing Journey) has led me to explore for a long time now (actually, does it ever end?).

But what does vulnerability have to do with healing from a physical illness? If you have any of my books, you know my healing protocols are based upon the mind/body/spirit being inextricably linked and you CANNOT heal the physical body (long-term results) without getting into and healing the emotional body.

Not surprisingly, the pathway into the emotional body is… vulnerability! If you cannot be honest and authentic with yourself, if you cannot look at your jungle of emotions, traumas, core beliefs, saboteurs, etc. you will not be able to heal yourself.

So I want to share with you two AMAZING videos to help you delve more deeply into this by Brene Brown, PhD – who has made it her life’s work to study vulnerability and authenticity. Every friend I have shared these videos with has had powerful shifts, so I wish for you the same.

And if you’ve already seen these videos, perhaps it’s time for a refresher…



And now that you’ve had an absolute feast on these monumentally life-altering concepts, let me leave you with some of my favorite quotes from Brene Brown – gleaned from her videos:

“Blame is a way to discharge pain and discomfort.”

“Courage is telling the story of who you are, with your whole heart.”

“Faith is the vulnerability that flows between the shores of certainty.”

“Speak your mind with your heart.”

“Vulnerability is to stop controlling and predicting. It is the birthplace of joy, creativity and love.”

I invite you to open further to the Healing Journey. Take a peek at the mind/body/spirit section of my blog. And if there are places you’ve been scared to go, I hope you realize that therein lies your freedom – here’s more info on my favorite mind/body healing tool to get you there.


Original post May 2012. Most recently updated March 2020.