This is something I’ve been working on for a long time and it is finally ready!

JPT Wellness Circle is a place for people to come together who want to go beyond just being disease-free – who want to move into optimal, vibrant, full-body health.

I’m running a special promotion with a number of bonuses included if you try it out in the next week or so (extra bonuses to the first to sign up), you can get all the details here and registration opens at 9:00 am, Tuesday, October 13th.

Wouldn’t it be better for you to use natural, holistic methods to treat any and ALL health issues you might have? You already know from your Healing Journey with IBD or IBS that drugs are never the optimal solution. So that knowledge should extend to ALL the parts and systems of your body.

With this new platform, I’m able to provide you with a variety of specific content in a variety of ways – a teleseminar about Acid/Alkaline pH Balance, a podcast on High Cholesterol, or Natural Cancer Treatments, videos demonstrating the Colonic Massage procedure, or the easiest way to take wild oregano oil. Specific articles on ear infections, mineral supplementation and spiritual healing, etc.

Here’s a video showing you exactly how it works and everything you get when you become a JPT Member:

And lastly, the plain truth is that a LOT happens and is discovered between book publications. Now, obviously with a printed book, I can’t be updating it and making changes every six months. But I CAN write an article, or record a podcast, or shoot a video for you with the new, vital information and put it up on JPT Wellness Circle.

This way you can hear about my experiments with DMSO and my new healing remedy for internal and external hemorrhoids (for example) long before they make it into a published book.

So don’t miss out on this valuable support center for not just your own health, but the health of your whole family!

Soar higher!