Rainbow womanI’ll often get emails from readers saying that they’re doing everything they should in Listen To Your Gut, but they’ve hit a plateau and they’re not improving. Based on hundreds of consults over the last decade, here are the crucial areas people usually need to look at:

1. Get your hormones checked out and balanced. Although I advise people to do this in LTYG, since there are no instructions, I think people tend to miss this crucial step. Hormones need to be tested and balanced by a doctor specifically trained and experienced in working with them.

We did a very targeted teleseminar that comprehensively covers this issue called Chronic Illness & Hormone Balance with Dr. Wendy Ellis. Dr. Ellis works with Dr. Jonathon V. Wright, at Tahoma Clinic in Washington – who was made famous by Suzanne Somers’ books on HRT. You can contact Dr. Ellis at the clinic (she does phone consults where appropriate) or if you listen to the teleseminar, Dr. Ellis gives out her personal email where you can ask her a question or two, or get a referral to a GOOD hormone doc in your area.

You should also watch this video on Managing your Thyroid & Adrenal Glands – The Secret to Healing Chronic Disease by Dr. Frank Shallenberger, MD who has a clinic in Nevada and is also a very good doctor for these issues.

Balancing your hormones will help your immune susceptibility and also help you to gain weight or – in the case of a child – maximize their growth potential as well.

2. If you’re struggling with probiotics and find you just can’t tolerate any kind of traditional probiotic supplement, then forget about trying to get your probiotics from traditionally dairy-based sources. Instead, look to fermenting vegetables for this  – Nourishing Traditions is a good cookbook for that – just eat a small amount of fermented carrots, cabbage, beets, etc. with your meals. There are also other good  recipe books on Amazon for fermented veggies and even some good freebies on the internet, just do a Google search on “fermented vegetable recipes”. I found this post easily that has a number of good fermented veggie recipes – just leave out the cayenne on the Kimchi recipe.

Or, you could try Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics OMX 12+ which is non-dairy and derived from fermented plants. However, it does still contain lactic acid bacteria, so if that’s your sensitivity, then this won’t work and best to just eat homemade fermented vegetables:

“As Dr. Ohhira delved further into the science of good health, he discovered that certain naturally fermented foods consumed in Asia are a rich source of lactic acid bacteria. After years of studying the known strains of lactic acid bacteria occurring in fermented foods indigenous to Southeast Asia, Dr. Ohhira