Those of you who have purchased the elemental diet shake, Absorb Plus, or the intestinal healing formula MucosaHeal or MucosaCalm, or the suppositories FissureHeal etc. may wonder how I come up with these formulations…

The stories are in my books, but I also wanted to give you a quick peek around my house so you can see how/where I work when I’m inventing and testing new products. And YES I ALWAYS test my formulations on myself, my family and my friends FIRST before anything goes out to my readers.

I’m currently working on an atom-sized (nano) mineral line for Imix and have been testing on my nearest and dearest for almost two years now. When my body says, “Give me that” I know I’ve got a winner.

Recently, I was in Mexico testing a new comprehensive vitamin/mineral/amino formula called MultiAbsorb every day at breakfast (mixed in a little juice and water) and my Mum said, “I need that!” so I handed it over. By the time I got home, she phoned me and asked for more. Sorry Mum… you’ll have to wait for the first production run. But interesting that she loves the taste of it, just mixed in plain water.

My goal for this year is to have Imix produce the core line of supplements that I need and use for my own family’s health. We are not growing our own food on our own mineral and microbe-enriched regenerative soil (yet!) and so yes, we do need key supplements from time to time. So the products I’m hoping to launch this year work synergistically together to provide full-body health – whether you’re still healing, or like me, have moved into thriving wholeness and want to stay there.

I’ll be blogging about each one – giving you the insider info on how and WHY I chose to use each ingredient (and which form of each ingredient) – as they each become available, so stay tuned!