Ever since Dr. Steven Gundry came out with his book, very slick videos, and pervasive marketing campaign about the evils of lectin-containing foods… I’ve been suspicious. I didn’t change any of my eating habits, but I wondered if soaking or cooking de-activated these ‘damaging nutrients’ and the whole thing was a bunch of hype anyway.

Well I finally came across this excellent video by Dr. Michael Greger – referencing scientific trials and journals – that explains why lectins are not actually the big, bad evil Dr. Gundry says they are:

You’re welcome. And remember, there’s a recent trend where a savvy Internet marketer teams up with a personable-looking doctor and Kaboom! The docs stuff is all over social media, his blog is getting top ranking (because his site is done superbly and chock-full of keyword-rich blog posts). There are Google adwords campaigns, Facebook ads and super effective marketing funnels – which is not uncommon to any successful business – but the key here is that it all appears virtually overnight.

Dr. Josh Axe is another one I wondered about, until I went through his site and saw that Jordan Rubin is actually behind his whole gig. Those of you who’ve been around since the early days of the Internet will remember Jordan Rubin and his Before/After healing pictures from Crohn’s Disease, mostly credited to his Primal Defense brand of bacterial soil organisms. Yep, this guy knows what he’s doing.

I actually like Dr. Axe’s site and he has a lot of really good, reliable content on there. I’m simply making the point, that while positioned as a maverick or sincere doc, these guys are actually the spokesperson for a very experienced, thorough marketing team. Nothing wrong with that. But it doesn’t carry the veracity of a doc who came up through the trenches, or the crucible of their own personal story, like Dr. Joseph Mercola or Dr. Kelly Brogan. Just saying.

Those of you with active IBD know that beans and legumes are more difficult to digest and many of you don’t tolerate tomatoes well either. But if you remove the seeds and skin from tomatoes (like traditional Italians do) you may be able to tolerate them. And although most people know you need to soak beans and lentils for 24 hours, do you know you should also soak oatmeal and quinoa too?

If you really want to know what to believe in this fad-a-minute world of ever-changing health trends, simply look to how healthy, indigenous populations prepared their food 2-3 generations ago. Back when people had to be tuned into their bodies to survive, and were deeply connected to the energy and wisdom of plants. The landmark book for this is Dr. Weston A. Price’s Nutrition & Physical Degeneration. Or if you want the quick overview, it’s here online.

Should You Avoid Lectins?

9 thoughts on “Should You Avoid Lectins?

  • Excellent article! I think Gundry is full of a lot of hype. Now he is promoting a prebiotic formula that contains GOS (similar to FOS?) and inulin. My digestive problems began after eating cottage cheese (Breakstone brand) that contained inulin (FOS). It caused gas and bloating so bad I thought I was going to die. I actually thought about going to the emergency room it was that bad. It eventually subsided. I did not draw the connection immediately, but then the symptoms returned after eating the same cottage cheese again a few weeks later. Only this time the gas and bloating never went away. I truly believe that was a root cause of the severe hernia that I eventually had to have surgically repaired. Prior to that I never had any problems.

    That is one reason I like the Natren probiotics they don’t contain inulin or FOS which can cause problems for many people.

    1. Hi Roger,

      Totally agree with you – Natren is the only brand that Jini recommends and uses through years of research and experience and the only one with all the requirements (probiotic strain selection, manufacturing, storage, and other factors effecting potency and efficacy). You can have many strains of bacteria in a product, but if they are not the right kind, they won’t help you.

      Kind Regards,
      Cris B
      Customer Care

  • So glad to read your post. I ordered and read Dr. Gundry’s book and was very suspicious of a lot in the book. I concluded no one can eat that way and it was all about money.

  • Thanks so much for this video. I got caught up in the Dr Gundry craze for a while and ended up by giving up a lot of my favorite foods while often wondering if this were actually true.

    Thanks for “spilling the beans” on this nonsense.

    1. Hi Herb,

      Correct! That is why Jini continually encourage people to listen to their own gut, to not give their power away to anyone (not to Jini either!) and to chuck out whatever doesn’t resonate or work for them.

      Kind Regards,
      Cris B
      Customer Care

    2. I know what you mean Herb – the whole campaign was SO well crafted and designed to really push people’s fear buttons.

  • Hi! I have SIBO C and am desperately trying to heal after 2 1/2 (going on three) years of feeling sick, being in pain 24/7 and having no life. Do you have any advice for people with SIBO C?

    1. Hello Jaclyn,

      Thank you for reaching out! There is now have clinical trial evidence that a 14-day elemental diet is “highly effective” with an 80 – 84% success at eradicating small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) because: “Elemental diets have been shown to reduce enteric flora.” Click the link below to learn more about this:

      And this link below for Constipation:

      Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

      Kind Regards,
      Cris B
      Customer Care

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