The Effects of Probiotics on Inflammation

Join me and Natasha Trenev, founder of Natren probiotics, as we answer another question from an LTYG reader. This week’s question reads:

“Many people find dairy pro-inflammatory. Should people managing inflammation avoid Natren’s dairy-based probiotics?”

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Many people find find dairy pro-inflammatory. Should people trying to manage inflammation avoid your dairy-based probiotics?

Yeah that’s a loaded question you know dairy is one of the best suited culturing mediums for these bacteria that’s why they’re called lactobacillus meaning they are milk bacteria so that’s their favorite food if you’re not specifically allergic to dairy I would say take the dairy product it’s not going to cause more inflammation unless you’re specifically allergic to it.

You’re allergic to the components of milk basically the the protein part the the lactose can be handled because your body can be reminded how to produce the enzyme and the bacteria will produce the enzyme for you but milk has the complete nourishment for these bacteria so that they can do the best job for you. And I’ve fought this for almost 50 years this business about anti-milk and you know the the cultures that were healthy consumed you know dairy products that were fermented with proper bacteria on a daily basis so if you don’t have an allergy to milk I encourage you to take the milk products.

Can I ask you a quick question there do the dairy based powders so you have the the loose powder and then you have the capsules this is not Healthy Trinity we’re talking about the other lines, when they’re the ones that are cultured on dairy do the powders contain the dairy proteins. Yes they do but they’ve been fermented. And how about the capsules? When you when you have the powder inside the capsules does that same thing you just have less of the supernatant in the capsule than you do in the powder.

Okay so that might be a place to start then to test your tolerance and for me because I have scar tissue in my throat i can’t swallow pills I just take the capsules I open them up and I mix them in room temperature water but that would be a great way to start testing. And also because I did a couple of very intensive teleseminars with a PHD in immunology and a bunch of experts on there where we talked about the whole issue of allergies and intolerance and you know how that is very much a learned way of being in the body. So you know we may be well we’ve been off milk for a long time or we’ve been consuming pasteurized gross milk products so our body said forget milk but we can.

There’s a certain amount of re-education there that can take place by kind of like homeopathy introducing very small amounts so for me if I was wanting to do that I would start with maybe taking one capsule of the dairy based and mixing it with five or six capsules of the non-dairy and taking that together that’s a good idea. Yeah that’s a good thing you brought up you know we have the healthy start system which has all the three bacteria that’s found in the Healthy Trinity capsule so what we do is we have the same bacteria with different delivery mechanisms and different food so that those bacteria can interact with your body and we are unique nitrogen is still unique.

I can assure you there is nobody that has our system or nobody that produces the bacteria with the supernatant which means the original fermentation and products which are so important to assist the bacteria to take hold on the intestinal wall and those compounds are also important as messengers and you know interacting with the 100 billion neurons in your GI tract which is the second brain and the immune system come on over to and grab my free ebook what you need to know about probiotics.

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Listen To Your Gut
Listen To Your Gut
Should People Managing Inflammation Avoid Natren's Dairy Based Probiotics?