My husband sent me a link to this article – he was astute enough to label it “how to use the media to spread fear”:

The article is supposedly letting us know that we’re in serious danger of a catastrophic measles outbreak now that many are choosing not to vaccinate their children.

HOWEVER, the last lines of the article completely obliterate everything they’ve just said, if you’re smart enough to catch it:

The last serious U.S. outbreak was in 1989-1991, when 55,000 people got measles and 123 died.

Hello?? That was BEFORE the anti-vaccination movement took hold, when nearly everyone was vaccinated.

So, read another way:

Now that many are choosing NOT to vaccinate, the 2006 measles outbreak was:

The CDC said 55 cases of measles were reported

and in 2008:

131 cases of measles have been reported, with 15 serious enough to be hospitalized, no deaths.

But back in 1989 when nearly everyone was vaccinating their children:

55,000 people got measles and 123 died.

Gee, do you think this ‘news article’ was pharmaceutical plant??

If you’re smart enough to ‘read between the lines’ and also check for original sources in news articles, you won’t be taken in by propaganda like this.

For lots more info on vaccination, see my article: