I enjoyed this video from hypnotherapist Marisa Peers so much that I took notes and then came up with my own examples to really drive her lessons home…

When you’re in a flare-up of symptoms, or life gets really stressful (which can then cause a flare) it helps to have some mind/body strategies to shift your body’s experience and tendency to focus on negative events. If you can shift your perspective, then your mind can direct your body in a different direction. And you can then manifest a different reality.

Of course, sometimes the healing journey is multi-layered and complex, and the body cannot release the symptom(s) until you’ve received the message(s). That’s okay. This is still part of walking that path. Remember that true healing is wholistic – you rarely just do one thing and presto, everything’s fixed!

I’m a big fan of hypnotherapy. I’ve had many sessions and so have my kids. Along with EFT, it’s one of the best mind/body therapies for deep-root, long-term healing. Marisa Peer (in this video) is extremely expensive ($3,000 per session) but my own hypnotherapist, Jen Snow, is pretty darn good and actually affordable!

You can either watch the video first (these concepts will probably stick better if you do) or just skip to my take-away’s below.

1. Find the GOOD part of the task you hate and FOCUS on that. Re-state that. Re-affirm that.

The shitty aspects are still there – no one is denying that. But you don’t think about or focus on, or cultivate the negative parts.

Tell your mind what you WANT.

Link pleasure to what you’re doing, not pain.

I want this.
I like this.
I’ve chosen this – always emphasize that you can do whatever you want, but you are choosing to do X.

If you talk about, think about, and focus on the negative aspects, then you are asking your brain to come up with ways to stop you from doing that. You are activating resistance.

Example – Working Out

DON’T say/think/repeat: “Aaargh I hate getting up so early to exercise. I wish I could sleep in another hour. I’m dreading working out, it’s so hard.”

DO say/think/repeat: “I’m choosing to work out; because this is going to make me really strong and healthy. This is going to make the rest of my day feel so much better.”

SAME reality, but completely different focus and perspective. Whatever you focus on, grows!

The mind’s driver is to move towards pleasure and away from pain.

If you link pain with something, then the mind will make you give it up, very quickly.

My Example – Winter Barn Chores

DON’T: “OMG, I hate winter, the rain is so gross and makes everything mucky and stinky. And the horses get stir-crazy and the fields get destroyed. And there’s mountains of wet heavy manure to shovel.”

DO: “I’m choosing to keep my horses with me in this climate: We’re going to do a lot of meditating when the rains come. And the herd dynamics will get even more interesting. And I won’t get sick or depressed during winter because my love for the horses will force me outside for at least 2-3 hours a day, or every 2nd day. And then I feel SO much better, and once I’m out there, the rain doesn’t bother me at all. I’m so glad I have the horses near me in the winter. I want to have them close by.”

DON’T: “How many things are going to go wrong?? I can’t handle this. Stuff always goes sideways and then I end up having to come to the rescue and exhaust myself.”

DO: “I choose to have faith in myself. I’ve got amazing coping skills. I’ve got strong people I can ask for help. I’m creative and good at coming up with ideas for systems and hacks to make things easier. I’m strong and I’ve g