I recently received this email from a reader in the UK who did my Lazer Tapping course, and now knows how to do acupressure tapping to help shift and heal any issues, symptoms, or stressors that arise:

“After 7 months of using your Lazer Tapping course I finally felt ready to write a review. I have been following your protocols for 6 years now to heal colitis. 3 years ago my higher self seemed to put shackles on me in the form of 3 colitis flare ups and arthritis, in order to get me to face emotional healing (there seems to be an awfully long backlog!).

It took me two and a half years to be able to tolerate all three probiotic strains (I was on Life Start for a good year and I was 21 years old). I still can’t tolerate much solid food so have been on semi-elemental (I need shares in bananas and avocados) for 3 years now, I also have crazy reactions to most supplements (which is gradually improving, thank goodness) and am still completely debilitated by joint pain.

I have craniosacral sessions regularly but tapping is proving to be a completely invaluable tool. I have lost count of how many times I have needed to repeat the perfectionism session and am finally starting to be able to value mistakes and see my worth even if I am not perfect.

Recently tapping has made me face and accept illness, as I realised that when I was in pain I didn’t associate it with my own body and kept thinking that it can’t be me, as my body doesn’t feel like this. This is proving to be a big shift for me and an issue I had no idea existed. I’ve been able to put on 2 stone in weight (I was under 6 stone when I started) and am no longer in agony with stomach pain all the time, which is miraculous in itself.

There are numerous issues tapping has helped, and continues to help, with, so thank you so much for making this incredible tool available. It is proving to be a massive support for me whilst traversing this crazy healing journey and I know it will continue to be for the rest of my life. Thank you again.” – E.T.

Thank You For Lazer TappingNotice how she says her “higher self put shackles on me… in order to get me to face emotional healing.” If you view the body as the densest part of the soul, then you realize that your body is ALWAYS advocating on your behalf. Your soul likely has higher goals for you than just working a job, having 2 kids, retiring – easy placid life – and then dying.

Our souls co-create with the divine; as we learn and grow, we evolve into our full creative potential – where magic, beauty, bliss, and the peace that passes understanding dwell. THIS is the healing journey, the blossoming into our true selves, our highest good.

Clear your crap, heal your blocks and saboteurs – mind/body/spirit is ONE. If your body is full of pain or dis-ease, it’s because your mind/soul/heart is too. Just treating the physical body is only 1/3 of the healing circle. I highly encourage each of you to delve even more deeply into this aspect of health.

And if you haven’t already tried a free Lazer Tapping session with me yet… come on over! You can choose from:

  • Improve self-confidence, release “I am not ____ enough”
  • Learn to feel okay saying “No” and set healthy boundaries
  • Release emotions in your gut that are causing physical symptoms

Lots more info at LazerTapping.com, but here is a great video on the Lazer Tapping process to get you started: