We had a fantastic teleseminar with Dr. Hal Huggins and MANY crucial questions were answered. We went WAY beyond the classic “mercury is poisonous, root canals promote infection” tenets of holistic dentistry. If you missed it, I strongly urge you to get a handle on this aspect of your health by listening to the teleseminar (or reading the transcript). I’ve made it available to everyone for free on this blog (and please share it with all your friends and family!):


We had some questions come in after the teleseminar, so I sent these to Dr. Huggins and here are his approved responses:

1. Is there a specfic type or brand of butter you recommend? Salted/unsalted? Is it important to eat organic butter?



Organic is definitely preferable because you want to avoid the antibiotics, hormones and toxins present in non-organic milk. Remember, animals are the same as humans in that everything goes through to their breastmilk – which butter is made from 🙂 Raw butter is ideal, if you can get it, since none of the vitamins, enzymes etc. will have been destroyed through pasteurization. Dr. Huggins eats salted butter from New Zealand.

2. What are the most commonly overused vitamins that cause damage?



Calcium, Magnesium oxide, Vit B12 and Chlorella.

3. What are good dental materials (for crowns, onlays) for the chemically sensitive? I can’t find a dentist who gives multiple samples of dental material so that I can test it out in my mouth.



As Dr. Huggins said in the teleseminar, it’s not so much a question of a dental material being categorically good or bad (although of course, some containing substances like nickel, mercury, aluminum, etc can be categorically labelled ‘bad’) but rather: How does that dental material interact with your particular immune system?

And the way Dr. Huggins tests this is with a blood test for compatibility. Blood tests show immune reactivity, not just a saliva mouth reaction. Call Scientific Health Solutions 1-800-331-2303 for a Bio Compatibility Blood Test. You do NOT test different materials in your mouth. For a referral to a dentist trained in Dr. Huggins’ protocols, phone his office:


Dr. Huggins did say that titanium is fine for crowns and he says titanium is also available for removable partial dentures.

4. What is your opinion on ozone therapy for the treatment of dental caries? Is there a safe way to remove dental caries without drilling and without damaging healthy parts of the tooth?



Dr. Huggins says: Ozone for caries treatment, I am not familiar with this.
In my own mouth I would prefer a drill for caries removal, high speed initially, then low speed for final detail.

5. Dr. Huggins talked about having his teeth cleaned and visiting the dentist at very long intervals… He talked about this being possible if a persons chemistry is in balance. But what does he mean by this? Is it different for each person? Is this only a function of having more fat in the diet? (this is what he implied). We also know from the standpoint of nutrition that oils are fats (as opposed to carbohydrates or proteins); but Dr. Huggins makes a big distinction and says or implies that we should all be eating animal fats in the form of butter. But why? How does this relate to the lack of distinction between the general groupings of animal fats and vegetable oils in the nutrition literature?



The main points of what he means by the chemistry being in balance is achieved through:

1. Consuming an Ancestral Diet – as outlined in the work of Dr. Weston A. Price: www.westonaprice.org and also in books available on Dr. Huggins’ site: www.drhuggins.com

2. Not using commercial toothpaste to brush your teeth, but rather 70% table salt and 30% baking soda – if you read any of Dr. Gerard Judd’s work, most people eliminate Hygienist Teeth Cleanings just by utilizing this point alone. I know that’s been true for all my family.

3. Blood testing (provided by his clinic – www.drhuggins.com) to determine blood chemistry imbalances and then fixing them using specific supplements in specific forms (also provided by his clinic). This includes safe detox procedures.

4. Removing any harmful dental materials from your mouth – in a Huggins-approved manner/process, by an Alliance-trained dentist (referrals available via his office) – and then replacing them with materials confirmed via blood testing to be compatible with your particular immune system (again, contact his office for the Bio-Compatibility test or a dentist who can oversee the test. The test is done by www.shslab.com).

5. Not doing anything else to produce toxicity or imbalance in your body chemistry (eg. using the right pans to cook with so your food isn’t contaminated, avoiding mercury-containing fish, avoiding toxic skin care products, etc – this aspect is covered in Ch. 4 of Listen To Your Gut).

The complete program to balance body chemistry and descriptions are outlined in the book he talked about on the call – which I later sent an email telling everyone about – called the Client Education Pack – available from his office.

Regarding your questions on fats, again, you will find lots of in-depth info on this at: www.westonaprice.org (click on Site Map and go from there).

6. Regarding fillings for young children – where either too difficult to draw blood, or parents can’t afford it – what would be the composite filling material with the highest likelihood of not doing too much harm?



The composite material that Dr. Huggins would recommend is “Diamond Lite” by DRM Corporation.

For more complete answers to these questions, feel free to call his office directly as his staff are most happy to answer any questions you might have. 1-866-948-4638 or 1-719-522-0566

I myself, just realized, after reading the transcript of the teleseminar that I had 4 wisdom teeth extracted improperly (surprise, surprise, the summer before being diagnosed with Crohn’s). So I’m going to be seeing a Huggins-trained dentist to have these cavitations properly cleaned out – currently they are each a sealed off, protected, cosy home for pathogenic bacteria!

take care,

Q & A for Dr. Huggins Holistic Dental Teleseminar

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  • Hi Bill,

    The toothpaste mixture is: 30% table salt and 70% baking soda.

    Do not use sea salt. Dr. Huggins recommends Morton’s Canning and Pickling Salt – both for the toothpaste and for consumption.

    Listen to the teleseminar, or read the transcript to find out what’s wrong with sea salt.

    Don’t worry if you’ve lost them, you can download them again from here:


    take care,

  • I used to believe, like most, that fiber was good and necessary for you. I recently learned otherwise…and was amazed at the myriad of health disorders that can develop from prolonged fiber intake (from food and/or supplements). Like Weston Price, the following authors detail the health risks of consuming high fiber foods, and encourage a higher consumption of animal fats. The importance of fats (not vegetable fats) takes precedence over even protein, and should comprise a high percentage of our daily diet.

    “Fiber Menace” by Konstantin Monastyrsky
    * you can view a generous preview of the book here –

    “The Hidden Story of Cancer” by Brian Peskin

  • I am in the UK (was in Canada/US 1963 to 1993)
    I am part of a group bringing awareness about mercury through videos from Dr. Huggins and John Moore in Seattle.

    I had a mouthful of mercury fillings from being 12 years old, when in the UK. In Seattle through being exposed to Dr. Huggins and meeting John Moore I have become more healthy and know very well what happens.

    In the UK there are more people with mercury fillings than anywhere else I have lived and the disabling illnesses are rampant where I live. Since returning here I have absorbed mercury over and over again, permanently de-toxing. Many of my friends have mental illness and on heavy duty drugs.

    Nowhere is anyone checking for mercury poisoning as part of diagnosing mental or physical illness. I have a dream since I lived in Seattle and saw people living in their cars due to illness from mercury fillings, to have a free diagnostic centre, or centres. This would then be followed up by free treatment with safe dentists for those with serious disorders and unable to have the treatment. I am now putting this out to the Universe as I think the time has come. While in India recently we started up a support group, showing them some films and taking them to a dentist in the nearest city who is prepared to develop the safe protocols.

    I have found out that when people are having electric shock therapy no account is taken of the metal in the mouth when setting the voltage!! I experienced this treatment in Canada in the 60’s and feel this must have caused more damage than without the fillings.
    I know in your film – Informed Consent, that the mercury is released faster during those times. How this came about is another story involving a faulty gas furnace that I believe triggered the episode (crying for a couple of days when we moved house and my son only 3 months). I woke up a week later after three treatments and subjected to 9 more, before being released. Eventually I left the family also, three children, husband and farm. Can you please direct me to papers or work done in this area so that I can show it to the hospitals here. Elderly people and young people are getting ECT and everyone still getting mercury fillings because most on health system dentistry, especially if on benefits and only mercury fillings given, unless a front tooth.Dr. Huggins, it is wicked, criminal.

    Dr. Huggins, you saved my life. You and John Moore made one incredible difference when I started to understand what had happened.

    Thank you for all the work you have done and continue to do. I am working with John Moore and we are helping lots of people in UK and India now. Here two of us are holding awareness meetings and looking at how we can get to meet a group of MP’s in London. There is no difference here than when the Panorama l994 program was made.

    Sincerely, Sheila Swift

  • Dear Doc,

    Haven’t heard from you in a long time. I was one of your Dental Assistant. Remember?
    Hope all is well with you and would love to talk with you sometime. You have my e-mail now.
    Know you are always busy. See you are always fighting the fight. Dragon Slayer…..

    Always, Nancy

  • My son just got braces put on. I was wondering about the danger of toxicity with them. Are they toxic? I’m not sure if I should have them taken off even if he just got them put on. Krista

  • Dr. Larry Lytle (http://www.qlaserhealinglight.com/proprioception.html) a neuro-muscular dentist who has also been heavily involved in naturopathic circles over the years, and who was an early dentist who removed many amalgum fillings, cautions about being too quick to remove amalgum fillings, and also cautions about the normal process to drill out cavitations, which further weakens the jaw and can cause additional damage.

    He says that proper bite adjustment should be done before amalgum is removed, and that the jaw should be properly adjusted when the amalgum is removed, or the situation can even become worse if the back teeth are lowered even further by the removal of the amalgums. And if the problem is actually due to the height of the back teeth, rather than the presence of the amalgum, the teeth will need to be built up later anyway. Tooth height is is important due to extra pressure on the nearby nerve and primary blood vessels that pass near the jaw area if the back teeth are too short. So if Amalgums are removed, they should only be done as part of a complete plan. Now that doesn’t mean that badly deteriorated amalgums should remain, since they are a mercury risk, but just that complete replacement should be done as part of a complete package.

    Apparently a dentist that Dr. Lytle studied under many years ago got more results years back by simply replacing the amalgum fillings with higher amalgum fillings than many dentists get when replacing amalgum with composite simply because of the benefit which came from raising the height of the back teeth.

    And for cavitations, although Dr. Lytle has in the past done his share of these, he says that now they can normally be treated in place easily without additional dental operation, if properly treated with proper use of a laser (a class 3 – 300 mw 808 nm stimulating laser). He has done a lot of work with lasers, and has written several books on their use, and had a great deal of success in treating dental issues with laser therapy.

  • Why isn’t this more publically aware? I have never heard this before . The pickling salt does it contain Iodine? My father and granfather both suffered from goiter , and as a consequence I had a course of injections as a boy , only to find out later from a Chinese heath shop , perhaps wrongly, that sea salt would provide me with the iodine that would regulate my thyroid , and the injections were not neccessary , and that my fathers and granfaters diet was low in certain minerals ( they were inland farmers ) and had no access to sea fish,
    What are your thoughts , I have children now , and I haven’t told their doctor of the thyroid problem , not wanting to subject them to these painful injections.

  • Don’t know what the Morton’s salt contains. I’m using the Himalayan salt.

    Of course you don’t need to get iodine injections! Iodine deficiencies can be easily remedied with a few drops of Potassium Iodide (SSKI). Dr. Jonathan Wright MD writes quite a bit about it and you can also order the SSKI (Super Saturated Potassium Iodide) from his store. It’s tasteless and mixes easily in juice. Your children will never know it’s there:

    But why are you assuming your children have thyroid problems? This is not a hereditary thing. A doctor would need to test their thyroid/TSH levels first, before you should begin any supplementation.


  • Hi Jini, thanks for the reply , it’s not that I assume there will be a problem , though not hereditory,I cannot ignore there may be a susceptibility to thyroid problems in the family, I just take extra care in making sure that they get all the natural occurring minerals from a variety of foods , even so far as bitter melon, which is really horrible , and you know what picky eaters children can be!, just to be sure there are no deficiencies in the diet.I am not really a drug guy , I prefer natural remedies wherever possible.
    As for the Doctor testing, when my daughter was 7 , her mom insisted that she had an eating disorder , and the doctors could find nothing , so now in the age of blame and neglegence suits, they started tests , liver sampling and a few others , even wanted a spinal fluid test , I put a stop to it , before it went too far, extremely painful unecessary tests , kinda deja vu for me ,though it was instrumental in getting me custody.
    I am very wary of doctors and dentists (sorry), just because of experience , just been very unlucky (though I have a good one now ), I have had 4 teeth extracted , and a root filling removed because of constant reinfection , and I found out from my dentist that my filling in every tooth was unecessary , my tooth aches were from broken nose and cheek bone , giving rise to infections , and not caries , though I still need the surgery , I have had only 1 filling in 20 years ( that tooth shattered 3 days later), the extractions were from teeth that were almost totally bored out and filled resulting in a thin shell of enamel which ultimately shatters!
    The moral is ,I guess , find a good dentist , and research the internet to be sure that you are armed with knowledge .If you are having work done every time you visit a dentist , perhaps a second opinion is in order!

  • Daughter jennifer had rt canal tooth pulled two wks ago, next day she broke out in a rash and has continually gotten worse, what can we try to make her more comfortable?
    First we thought it to be scabbies. Holistic friend says its toxins coming out of her skin??
    Any help will be beneficial. She has been battling cancer since Feb. and is on chemotherepy now. Taxol and hercepton, Has two small children. We need her well. Please help. Also Biological Dr. took silver fillings out and filled her teeth with product called grandio by volo or voco?

  • Kate, I would try Chlorophyll, here’s why (read down to the middle of the article):


    Get the one I recommend in my Health Shoppe (I’m sure you can find it locally) as it has no preservatives and is safe for highly sensitive systems and guts:


    If she doesn’t have a good holistic practitioner overseeing her care, then I would contact Jim Ehmke: 360-734-9777

    Also, did you see my post on cancer treatment:


    all the best,

  • Hi,

    Wouldn’t table salt bee too harsh for enamel? Do we have to grind it into a fine powder or is it safe for the teeth coating and gums as it is?

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