We had a fantastic teleseminar with Dr. Hal Huggins and MANY crucial questions were answered. We went WAY beyond the classic “mercury is poisonous, root canals promote infection” tenets of holistic dentistry. If you missed it, I strongly urge you to get a handle on this aspect of your health by listening to the teleseminar (or reading the transcript). I’ve made it available to everyone for free on this blog (and please share it with all your friends and family!):


We had some questions come in after the teleseminar, so I sent these to Dr. Huggins and here are his approved responses:

1. Is there a specfic type or brand of butter you recommend? Salted/unsalted? Is it important to eat organic butter?

 Organic is definitely preferable because you want to avoid the antibiotics, hormones and toxins present in non-organic milk. Remember, animals are the same as humans in that everything goes through to their breastmilk – which butter is made from 🙂 Raw butter is ideal, if you can get it, since none of the vitamins, enzymes etc. will have been destroyed through pasteurization. Dr. Huggins eats salted butter from New Zealand.

2. What are the most commonly overused vitamins that cause damage?

 Calcium, Magnesium oxide, Vit B12 and Chlorella.

3. What are good dental materials (for crowns, onlays) for the chemically sensitive? I can’t find a dentist who gives multiple samples of dental material so that I can test it out in my mouth.

 As Dr. Huggins said in the teleseminar, it’s not so much a question of a dental material being categorically good or bad (although of course, some containing substances like nickel, mercury, aluminum, etc can be categorically labelled ‘bad’) but rather: How does that dental material interact with your particular immune system?

And the way Dr. Huggins tests this is with a blood test for compatibility. Blood tests show immune reactivity, not just a saliva mouth reaction. Call Scientific Health Solutions 1-800-331-2303 for a Bio Compatibility Blood Test. You do NOT test different materials in your mouth. For a referral to a dentist trained in Dr. Huggins’ protocols, phone his office:


Dr. Huggins did say that titanium is fine for crowns and he says titanium is also available for removable partial dentures.

4. What is your opinion on ozone therapy for the treatment of dental caries? Is there a safe way to remove dental caries without drilling and without damaging healthy parts of the tooth?

 Dr. Huggins says: Ozone for caries treatment, I am not familiar with this.
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