tooth-smile-FT.jpgMany of you are already familiar with certain concepts of holistic dentistry, such as: mercury is poisonous, root canals promote ongoing infection, flouride is toxic, etc. Since that information is widely available and there is LOTS of documentation on it, I wanted this teleseminar to be more advanced and specific.

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So here is just a sampling of some of the topics covered and questions answered in this FANTASTIC teleseminar:

  • What kind of mercury detox protocol is safe for people with existing chronic illness – to avoid triggering a flare?
  • What are safe alternatives to root canals? Are implants safe?
  • How to avoid tooth decay in the first place – is there a special diet or supplements we can take to improve our tooth enamel and prevent decay from occurring?
  • Crowns, bridges and implants – are these safe for our bodies from a holistic point of view and which materials are safe to use?
  • What are good dental materials (for crowns, onlays) for the chemically sensitive?
  • I have a chronic sinus infection in my right sinus. , plus I have a root canal in the upper right quadrant–is it possible these 2 things are connected?
  • If a mercury filling was removed and replaced with a composite, is there a possibility that mercury residue still exists under the new filling?
  • I’m extremely chemically sensitive (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities). What is the least chemically reactive material for fillings and what brand makes it? Do you recommend Heliomolar? Which composite materials would you recommend for fillings, which ones do you consider safe and durable?
  • When and how often should teeth be brushed in order to maintain optimal dental health?
  • What is your opinion on using unrefined sea salt instead of toothpaste?
  • Nearly all commercial toothpastes contain glycerin – should we avoid this?
  • Should we go for regular teeth cleanings to a dental hygienist? Are there any safe ways to remove tooth tartar that you would recommend?
  • Are there any safe ways to whiten teeth that you would recommend? What is your opinion on hydrogen peroxide and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) as tooth-whitening agents?
  • What do you think of Dr. Gerard F. Judd and his findings and recommendations?
  • What do you think of Dr. Weston A. Price and his findings and recommendations?
  • Can tooth enamel regenerate? If so, what can be done to stimulate and support tooth enamel regeneration?

I have read and researched extensively on alternatives to modern dentistry and holistic ways of caring for our teeth, gums and improving our dental health – so I’m pretty confident when I say that NOWHERE else will you find this depth and specificity of information on what you can do to take charge of this area of your health.

Dr. Hal A. Huggins DDS, MSc has both a Dentistry degree and a Master’s degree in Immunology, plus over 40 years of research and experience in Holistic Dentistry – both in an academic and clinical setting. I think the fact that he views dentistry from the perspective of “What does this do to the immune system?” is why he has been able to develop such powerful protocols. He is a wealth of helpful, healing information and he shares many key cornerstones of his dental health protocol here.

This teleseminar blew me away, and that’s why I’m giving it to you as a gift. Use it to move your health to the next level. And share it with all your family and friends!

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