Protocols Are Too Hard!I recently received this email from an LTYG reader expressing their frustration with protocols being too hard. I hear your pain! And I wish that healing a chronic, supposedly incurable disease was easier and simpler…but the bottom line is, it’s not.

I often receive emails like this, however, he was very upset so I wanted to address his email in this video:

“See this is far more complicated than I first understood, I don’t have time and energy for all this, ebooks and all that other stuff. My understanding was that you had a simple program that people could follow instead of spending hours trying to read e books and all that stuff. Your shakes are a massive price but I was willing to try them and but with all this other stuff, diets, reading and sourcing products it looks like you want me to do the work. Now can you send me a simple step by step on how to do this? I don’t want 20 ways or 20 products for example.”

Protocols Are Too Hard

Someone who does not want to spend the time and energy to fully understand their body, to fully map what is happening with their unique body, would be better to find a doctor who is fluent in natural healing protocols – possibly one who has familiarity with my protocols. I do have a list of recommended practitioners here.

Everyone responds differently to different treatments, and you have to understand all the factors that are feeding into a multi-systemic disease or imbalance. It’s not a simple situation if you have Crohn’s Disease of Colitis – so unfortunately, no, I cannot give a simple step by step on how to heal. At the end of the day, this is a personal journey that is highly tailored to each individual.