As you may or may not be aware, you ARE able to use PayPal to pay for your orders at the JPT Holistic Health Shoppe. However, for International customers and customers purchasing refrigerated items, there is an extra step and here’s how it works:

Go through the checkout process as normal and click the little PayPal logo at the bottom when you get to the screen where you are prompted to enter payment information. Make sure to select the International (and/or refrigerated) shipping option and complete your check out.

We will then send an invoice to your PayPal account for the cost of shipping and e-mail you that you have a pending PayPal invoice. At this point, your order is on hold and will not ship out until the PayPal shipping invoice is paid so if you want to avoid delays, expect the invoice to be sent to your PayPal account shortly after you place the order.

Finally, if the invoice is paid before 12:00PM Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8) then the order will ship out the same day. Otherwise, it will ship out on the next business day.