chicken-brothBack when I had Crohn’s Disease (a few decades ago) one of my most prevalent symptoms was diarrhea. I had loose, multiple bowel movements for years – it was one of my last symptoms to heal. So imagine my surprise when I turned 40 and experienced constipation for the first time ever. Which was further complicated by the fact that rectal surgery to remove skin tags at age 19 had left me with scar tissue in my rectum.

Well fast-forward a few years and I had developed the Rectal StrictureHeal protocol to soften/dissolve the scar tissue in my rectum and I had also resolved the (at times excruciating) constipation. And guess what? The reason most constipation advice doesn’t work is because doctors are trying to simplify something (eat more fiber, drink more water!) that is actually quite complex and multi-factorial.

So instead of just expanding the Constipation symptom section in Listen To Your Gut, I had to write a separate book including all the varied protocols, gentle safe cleanse/detox, and dietary variations.

Heads up if you’re a woman over age 40 suffering from constipation – get rid of wheat (every speck of it) and see what happens. That’s your first thing to test.

Also see my video series on Pooping Positions for Constipation. And check out this encouraging letter from a reader of Listen To Your Colon: The Complete Natural Healing Guide for Constipation to see what he found most valuable:

“I have tried most if not all of your suggestions and the results have been fantastic. Not sure if my Diverticulitis has resolved (without actually being able to see it’s hard to tell 🙂 ), but I rarely have cramps anymore and everything has been regular on the backside (if you know what I mean). Surprisingly, the biggest thing that seemed to help was the position techniques when using the toilet and the colonic massages. Just the simple propping of your knees and sitting straight up does wonders. I used to sit in a bent over position, primarily due to the simultaneous cramping, not realizing that this was ‘pinching’ the internal organs that needed to be straight to allow things to pass through. It was also important to establish a ‘set’ time every day to have a bowel movement (per your book), and for me that is in the morning. It’s running like clockwork (no pun intended).

Here are some of the other things that I’ve also tried based on your book Listen to your Colon and continue at this time that work for me:

  • Mixing Aloe Juice (Inner Gel Fillet is apparently the best concentration) with fruit juice in the morning.
  • Banana and Apple every day for the potassium and fiber aspect.
  • Limited, if any, red meats
  • Salads or Greens everyday
  • Fiber pill supplements
  • Probiotic Supplements
  • Fish Oil – Omega 3’s (I take other vitamin supplements as well)

I also exercise three times a week at the gym (which I was already doing), and walking the neighborhood in-between days.

I began to wean off my prescription medications for all of this, per my Dr’s OK, and down to the last two. Weaning off slowly as you recommended.

Since I had my last attack a few months ago, and then researched and found your information, the change back to ‘normal’ has been incredible. I recently went for my annual check-up with my PCP and have lost 15 pounds (which is back to ‘normal’ for me) and my blood work in many categories were back to ‘normal’ ranges. I have to believe this is the result of the dietary changes, and additional information you covered in your book.

Thanks for letting me share, but it’s important that you know that what you have done on your own, and publishing this information, is reaping rewards for others. My Doctor even encouraged me to keep reading your research!, as it’s working. Although he did say it was nothing different than what he was recommending in the first place (LOL).

But the key is you have to stick to it, like with anything, and make the permanent change to your lifestyle. Yours thankfully!! – M.Z.”

I love the way M.Z. has taken a holistic approach to his constipation and also seen it as a lifestyle change – as a message from his body that something is wrong with the way you’re living, so fix the root cause, don’t just take a laxative to mask the real issues.

If you or a loved one has been struggling with chronic constipation, send them over to my Constipation Home Remedy page where they can get Ch.2 of Listen To Your Colon for free – along with some helpful things to try.