Jini PodcastI’m thrilled to announce I have a NEW site and podcast – the Jini podcast! I’ll be talking about healing, but also other topics that interest me, like quantum physics, animal communication, regenerative farming, etc. With health censorship in full swing, I created a separate platform to share my more unconventional perspectives.

And I’m so excited about the first episode – My Body Is Speaking – where I’ll share some personal stories illustrating how the body is the densest part of the soul – how the body IS the subconscious.

What if your Higher Self uses your body to deliver messages to your mind?

Answering this one question just might change your life: My body is speaking to me… what is it saying?

Come VISIT MY NEW SITE (let me know what you think!) and listen to this podcast – Video and transcript are also provided for those of you who prefer those mediums 🙂

p.s. make sure you subscribe while you’re there! Or you can also listen to my podcast on Apple or Spotify.