This brand new healing protocol is an alternative to The IBD Remission Diet and utilizes a number of key substances and processes to heal a wide variety of diseases, flush out toxins and take your health to the next level of vibrancy. It’s a protocol that builds upon the Raw Milk Cure I explored in the first issue of Good Health Is Real Wealth – you can read more about it here.

The four steps of the protocol combine:

  • the benefits of an elemental diet
  • a raw juice nutrient infusion and detox
  • specific herbs to support the endocrine system and major organs of detoxification and circulation.

As many of you know, purchasing the Absorb Plus shakes to go on The IBD Remission Diet can be expensive. This new protocol uses raw milk (unpasteurized, from pasture-fed cows only) in place of the Absorb Plus and thus is much cheaper.

The drawback is that raw milk is not as pre-digested as Absorb Plus and it contains the milk protein casein – however, raw milk also contains good bacteria and live enzymes to help you digest these components. So, like anything, the only way is to test it and see.

Of course, from a holistic health point of view, I much prefer the raw milk elemental diet, since it’s using a whole, unprocessed food source. But, if you’re digestive system is so compromised that you can’t deal with it, then you’ll need to go for the Absorb Plus shakes inititally. But hopefully, before too long, you can switch over to raw milk.

Anyway, it’s all experimental at this point. So please join with me in the experiment!

Read more about this new healing protocol here, and then please post your comments and let me know what you think…