As you may already know, I formulate the Absorb Plus elemental shakes for Imix Nutrition. And those of you who’ve been with me for a while, know that I periodically upgrade the formula as better ingredients become available, or new research is released.

Well, I have recently made some upgrades to the vegan formula (which has resulted in a slight price increase). The sprouted brown rice protein in Absorb Plus Vegan was already certified organic, but Imix was recently able to find a supplier of Certified Organic tapioca (cassava) maltodextrin, so that is the first big upgrade.

The second thing I changed, is to increase the Copper to match the copper/zinc ratio I discovered to be optimum while researching the Imix QuikPlus Bone Matrix formula.

Lastly, I added 50 mcg of Boron – because it is a potent antiosteoporotic, anti-inflammatory, and antineoplastic agent. Boron also helps with wound healing. And significantly improves magnesium absorption and deposition in bone.

Note: These upgrades are currently only available in the Vegan version of Absorb Plus, BUT they will be rolled out to the Whey Isolate version of Absorb Plus as we produce new stock. The price for a flavor will not be increased until it has been upgraded.

And yes, as many of you have asked, I am always on the look-out for a grass-fed whey isolate (that is also casein-free and lactose-free). Thus far, we have been unable to find one. Perhaps one day Imix will be purchasing enough whey to be able to demand this – and maybe even to demand humane grass-fed whey (where the calves are left with mum for 4-6 months). At the last big trade show, Imix’s production manager went to all the whey suppliers and discussed this request with them. A couple even took notes! So who knows… fingers crossed, and we will keep asking.