Struggling with low hemoglobin? Many people find raising their hemoglobin to be a particularly difficult endeavour. This is partly for physical reasons – many don’t understand that for the body to utilize iron properly you also need to be ingesting Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Folate and the B-Complex vitamins. BUT you cannot ingest Vitamin C and Folate together as they interfere with the absorption of each other.

Which reminds me, eggs also interfere with the utilization of iron, so don’t eat eggs when you take your iron either.

What’s even less understood, or considered, are the emotional/spiritual components of low hemoglobin or low ferritin stores (stored iron). Join me as I go through all these possible factors in this video excerpt from one of the Live Support sessions in my Lazer Tapping program:

Here are the links I promised in the video:

QuikPlus Atom-Sized (nano) Iron

Angstrom Iron with Vitamin C

Sublingual Vitamin B12

If you’ve struggled with this issue, I’d love to hear what you experienced and discovered…