I received this email and knew I had to share this harrowing, remarkable healing story with you:

I was diagnosed with duodenal Crohn’s disease about 10 years ago. My story is one that you are probably all too familiar with, but I wanted to share with you what a difference Absorb Plus has made in my journey. I went from being a National Champion Ballroom Dancer to suffering from every ailment that Crohn’s had to offer; fistulas, extreme weight loss, erythema nodosum, crippling arthritis, fissures, bleeding, strictures, operations, blockages, rashes, etc.

My wife and I as National Ballroom Dance Champions

It turned me into a ghost of myself and almost killed me several times from going Septic via the TPN PICC lines I had to survive on for months. My sweet wife gave birth to our oldest son the day after I got out of the hospital. He was born 7 weeks early and had to spend weeks in the NICU from the stress that the disease put on my wife.

Me just before I was hospitalized for extreme malnutrition

I tried everything that the doctors gave me; from all the biological treatments available to chemotherapy (methotrexate) and everything in between. Steroids were the only thing that allowed me to walk, and so I spent several years trying to be the CEO of a venture-backed software company while raising a family and destroying my mind and body through the chronic use of steroids. I no longer recognized myself mind or body. I was angry and aggressive from the constant flow of synthetic cortisol through my body, and my face was swollen in the typical “moon-face” fashion.

This is what the steroids did to me

Eventually, my wife packed up me, with my cane, and our three boys, just two weeks after the birth of my youngest, and we moved to California to try medical Marijuana for my condition. This is where I first learned about Absorb Plus. We purchased some, but I didn’t begin to use it in earnest until the beginning of last year when I learned I would need another operation for stricturing in my intestines.

Since then, my whole life has changed! I began doing the Wim Hof Method with Cold exposure and breathing exercises. I began to change my mind and body through parts work, EMDR, Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. I began to resolve my past traumas and learn the science behind the autonomic nervous system. I am in complete remission of my disease for the first time since being diagnosed, and your resources along with Absorb Plus have played an integral part in my healing journey.

Me now!

Fast forward to today, and I am alive again, and I’ve learned that my mission in life is to help people in their health and healing journeys. I have become an Executive Health Coach to worldwide fortune 500 executives, consulting with them on achieving their optimal health and career goals. I also partner with venture capital companies that are recognizing more and more that their portfolio company founders and CEO’s are getting sick mentally and physically (even though you and I know that you cannot separate mental and physical!) and they need support.

I still use Absorb Plus daily and tell my executives that are having IBD symptoms (whether diagnosed or not) how to find and use your amazing product. As I am sure you know, many of them are dealing with autoimmune conditions, and the science points to the fact that it all starts in the gut. Absorb Plus can help so many people dealing with autoimmunity in one form or another. Thank you!!


I’m grateful to Chase for allowing me to share his email with all of you. It is such a testimony of perseverance, hope, and HOLISTIC healing! Please take notice of all the emotional/psychological/spiritual healing methods he employed, and how crucial they were to his healing. If you haven’t delved into this aspect, a free acupressure tapping session with me is a good place to start!

Also, be sure and check out Chase’s podcast as he features a lot of helpful topics and encouragement for the healing journey.

Who knew that when I first formulated Absorb Plus over 24 years ago (to heal myself!) that it would become such a powerful source of healing for so many others. We are all connected. My healing is your healing is my healing is your healing… in a continual circle. What separates us is trauma – fear stems from trauma, dissociation (not being inside your body) stems from trauma, feeling alone, not feeling safe – all stem from trauma. We come together to heal – mind/body/spirit. Let’s keep sharing our stories! Much love xoxo