What’s wrong with eating raw foods? And how are bacteria just like horses??
What did your great-grandmother know that you should know too?

Fascinating deep dive into the healthy gut microbiome and fermented foods with world-renowned probiotic expert, Natasha Trenev, and me:

“I’m only 12 minutes in, and this is already the most lucid and accurate explanation of the ecology of gut microbiome I’ve heard discussed. It’s rare to hear even practitioners discuss the species involved as organisms, in a true ecological sense of interaction with each other and their host and shuffling for space and resources that comes with that… and the consequences to our bodies under different stages of distress.

If I take a deep breath when you ask me about fermented foods, or dumping a pile of probiotics in your shake after a round of Cipro, or start explaining why you’re having a histamine reaction after your friend told you to start slamming back Kombucha like its soda pop… watch this.”
– Samantha Braun, Ecotones

And if audio in your car, or on your iPod is more your style, you can listen to or download the mp3 audio here:

Listen To Your Gut
Listen To Your Gut
MICROBIOME: Indigenous Wisdom meets Science - Fermenting Foods

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And if you’d like the details and scientific explanation, here’s a great tutorial on exactly what happens during fermentation.

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