This recent paper published in Mycopathologia is an in-depth investigation into the different types of Candida (both the strains and locales of infection) along with some treatment recommendations – which may surprise you, since they’re essentially what holistic practitioners have been advising for decades! You can either download the entire paper and read it yourself, or just check out these highlights, which give a pretty good summary:

1. These are the basic hygiene precautions the authors advise should be taken by anyone with a Candida overgrowth (or living/working with someone infected):


2. Here are their Dietary Recommendations; they are pretty good, but many holistic doctors have found that, initially, fruit needs to be completely eliminated for a period of time, then the next step is to have only 1 piece per day and see how the body does. Also, most holistic practitioners would advise you to AVOID grains altogether:


3. Now here are the substances they suggest people use to eradicate the Candida overgrowth (infection):


4. Lastly, researchers also found that improving liver function and detoxifying the body were an important part of Candida Treatment (due to heavy toxins released during die-off), and here are their recommendations for achieving these goals:


*Many thanks to Dr. David Holland MD for sharing this paper with me!