Join me and Dane Johnson of CrohnsColitisLifestyle as we discuss ways to loosen the hold fear has on you, the importance of healing the emotional component of your di-sease, as well as using Lazer Tapping as a powerful mind/body interface tool.

And watch as I lead Dane through a mini tapping session of his own!

After a 10-session package with an EFT Tapping therapist changed my life, I took the practitioner training for EFT Tapping back in 2010. I then tapped myself into wholeness every day for 2 solid years, as I had so much stuff (emotional, spiritual, physical, psychological) to clear. I had an abusive childhood, had to flee 2 countries due to political strife, and healed myself of a supposedly incurable disease.

I created Lazer Tapping, my own greatly simplified technique, combined with accessing the wisdom of the body itself; the actual consciousness of the cells and tissues of the body. Lazer Tapping is an integrated mind/body/spirit healing modality; healing, shift, release, or transformation takes places across all levels of the self.

I highly encourage you to join me for a FREE session here – choose from:

  • Improve self-confidence, release “I am not ____ enough”
  • Learn to feel okay saying “No” and set healthy boundaries
  • Release emotions in your gut that are causing physical symptoms