I was in Europe a few weeks ago and visited some friends in Sitges, Spain. While we were there, my husband Ian and I had lunch with a fascinating man from Holland (Fares Boustanji) who knew exactly the kind of stuff I do with my horses, because he experiences the same communication from birds of prey.

But WHY is all this energy stuff relevant to the healing journey? Here’s a crucial skill you need to have if you want to heal yourself: Boundary setting. If you can’t set (and hold) peaceful, simple, solid boundaries, you will not be able to say No. And this is one of the top saboteurs for people with a chronic illness.

Being able to say no, means you can guard your energy stores and prevent yourself from getting over-extended and exhausted. Saying no, means you can spend more time doing what your soul/heart calls you to, rather than pleasing or placating others.

Being able to center and ground yourself – like my husband Ian learns how to do in the video – means you can hold that boundary in peace and stillness. You don’t need to get angry, or agitated, or stressed to be able to lay down some limits.

I encourage you to examine the places in your life where you could conserve energy for healing, if you became better at setting boundaries. How could you help your body, by holding your ground and saying no?

p.s. Why are the birds chained?

Let me say right away that, YES, it does not feel good to see amazing flight creatures like this chained to weighted perches. But although these birds are chained in the video, know that Fares also regularly takes them out and allows them to fly free – it’s one of the reasons he bought this property in rural Spain, so the birds can fly free and enjoy nature on a regular basis.

In the video, Fares also briefly discusses that it was the birds NOT returning to him when they flew free, that first made him become aware of his energy – and how his energetic state affected the birds.

This is one of the conundrums of too many people on the earth who are taking all the land. If you’ve read the news or been on social media at all in the last decade, you know about the rate and breadth of species extinction happening on this planet. So what’s worse – imprisonment, or death? There’s no easy answer.

Perhaps learning from animals and developing our consciousness to be able to create and hold a better way of living, is the best course of action at this time.