We have a customer whose colon had been removed, plus he had short bowel syndrome (where a lot of the small intestine has been removed). Needless to say, getting enough nutrients is a challenge for him. He has used Absorb Plus regularly and ongoing for about 3-4 years now.

However, what he found helped was to also take some psyllium seed powder at the same time, to slow down the transit and bulk up the liquid. Otherwise the Absorb Plus would go through his system very rapidly. He would also take some L-Glutamine on an empty stomach to further assist – but he found the psyllium worked better for him than the L-Glutamine (which makes sense since L-Glutamine’s water-absorption activity is primarily in the colon). You could try this and see how it works for you.

I’ve had my colon removed and I have an ileostomy. Will Absorb Plus still work for me?
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  • Hi, I have had chrons disease for 15 years and had to have a proctocolectomy over 2 years ago. I am currently in good health and medication free ever since surgery. My small bowel is doing fine and the doctors & dieticians are happy with me. My only problems are back pain, low energy levels and i havent regained all the weight i lost before my surgery. I have ordered absorb plus from you and it arrived last week. My question is how long do you recommend i stay on the elemental diet? I plan to take the first week off work and was thinking of staying on it for 2-3 weeks. Also in a comment i made on your youtube video you recommended MetaCleanse which i have ordered but waiting to arrive, should i use this before or after the diet. Thanks Mark

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