Question: I was looking at the ingredient list for the Unsweetened Vanilla Absorb Plus and the label still shows Maltodextrin. Does the product use that ingredient as a sweetener?

Answer: Maltodextrin is not a sweetener. It is the carbohydrate component of Absorb Plus. If you want to know more about it, click here:

And if you’re wondering why Absorb Plus contains any carbohydrates: ALL carbohydrates are sugars. Even the most complex carbohydrate, vegetable matter, plant matter, etc. when broken down (during the digestive process) is turned into a sugar. Therefore, it is not possible to remove the sugars from a nutrient shake, unless you remove the carbohydrate component – and then you might as well save yourself some money and just consume straight whey protein. You may wish to do this and it is possible to buy unflavored, unsweetened whey protein.

The reason Absorb Plus has a carbohydrate component is to provide balanced nutrition for people who are often malnourished and underweight. You need the carbohydrate component to be able to gain weight to your normal weight – this is very difficult (if not impossible) to do with whey protein alone.

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