Ohmygosh, this conversation was so much fun – if you’ve watched any of my other videos with Dane Johnson, you’ll know that we always have a blast on our calls.

Dane asks me how long I’ve been drug and surgery-free AND how long I’ve been 100% symptom-free?

Those of you who know me, know that I was diagnosed in 1984 with widespread Crohn’s Disease (small intestine, large intestine and possibly stomach). I’ve spent the last 20 years helping others connect with the wisdom in their own gut and supporting them in full mind/body/spirit healing. Cause we are ALL worthy of full freedom, vitality and full expression on this planet!

I LOVE what Dane says in this video: “What we’re doing is not actually about Crohn’s. It’s about having empowerment over your life.”

p.s. This snippet was part of a bigger conversation with Dane, where he does a live Absorb Plus taste-test for his coaching clients. So that video is coming soon…