Although these meals are not good for people healing from a gut disorder, perhaps you have a teenaged son or daughter, or a niece or nephew who just wants to eat better? My son’s friend, Caleb, lives in a home where neither parent likes to cook, so he’s always eaten processed food.

We were talking about some health issues he’s experiencing and I asked him if he had ever tried eating completely ‘clean’ food – i.e. no chemicals, preservatives, dough conditioners, flow agents, artificial flavors/colors, etc? He said, no, and also commented that to eat that way would be incredibly hard, since he didn’t know how to cook.

I offered to teach the two lads how to cook meals they liked to eat, and then show them how to package and freeze everything in single-serving portions. This way they could cook a large amount every week or two and have enough to freeze for daily meals. Because most people don’t want to cook every day!

This is the first video (hopefully they stick with it and we’ll bring you more) and we started with a teen favorite that is super easy to make. It’s probably the simplest, easiest lasagna and bolognese sauce recipe/method you’ve ever seen! But as Caleb says in the video, he hates veggies in his lasagna. So you gotta start where people are at.

When you see how much the lads enjoy their lasagna, you’ll also remember that food made from clean, unprocessed, high quality ingredients can be super simple and still taste amazing.

So although most people with gut disorders can’t tolerate tomatoes (or this amount of tomato sauce), nor can they eat cheese, you may be cooking for healthy kids, or you may know someone who’d benefit from learning how to cook this way – you’ll see how I teach Caleb to ask his body about how much garlic or salt to add. Keep in mind, this is someone who has never cooked anything from scratch, so he has zero concept of garlic, or garlic powder. But his body knows.

Of course, you can switch out the cow cheese for goat, sheep or vegan – although vegan is the most processed and usually hardest to tolerate – and you can also use gluten-free noodles, if you prefer.

Here’s the ingredient list:

Grapeseed oil
Grass-fed lean ground beef
Organic tomato sauce
Organic Marinara sauce
Garlic Powder
Himalayan or Celtic Sea Salt
Lasagna noodles

For packaging:

Wax paper
Plastic ziplock bags

Let me know if you have any easy-to-make, freezer-friendly, meal ideas for the next vid!