How To Protect Yourself When Helping Others To HealMaybe you are a healer? Or perhaps you have healed yourself and now find others asking you for help and guidance?

But maybe you are also noticing that helping other people heal is draining your energy…and actually negatively affecting your own health?

Like this email I received from a reader:

“I (finally) made the decision to no longer accept private clients, as it was becoming more and more apparent that it was not good for my health. I’m a good coach, and my clients were getting good results, but I was miserable because it felt like I was re-living the ups and downs of my past disease several times a week with other people. Now understanding more about being an empath, I had a really hard time separating out from my clients’ energy – and I was carrying it with me and in my body. I felt so drained! There was a part of me that felt obligated to continue, and I was putting that pressure on myself. I realized that I can still help others, but I don’t have to box myself in and do it one specific way. Once I broke that channel off, I felt such a relief…and a flood of new energy!”

Well, here’s what I offered to that reader and would like to offer to anyone else who finds themselves in this situation:

For whatever healing work you do decide to do (includes coaching, counseling, or anything else that shifts people’s energy and sets them free), I want to offer you this process from a powerful healer, Lori Clarke, because I find this same process is necessary whether you are working one-on-one, or in workshops, or speaking from the stage. Here’s what Lori says, and this is a process I often use myself:

“Aside from the standard protective bubble (surround yourself with white or Divine light) that most healers use, I would also set an intention.

The intention would be that I am not the ‘healer’ but an assistant in the process.

When someone comes to us (the expert) and is looking for healing, if we set an energetic intention around the person that is being treated and intend that we are an assistant to the process, then it reinforces that we will not be giving our power away to someone who is ill.

The goal is to give people support so that they can in turn feel empowered and confident that they can, on their own, begin to heal and release the toxins within. Letting go of what is no longer serving them.

I think this is where many healers become overburdened and pressured, or begin to feel exhausted by their clients. My sense is that the healer is channeling the light of The Divine by bringing it through their body and then into the person they are treating. I’m not sure if this way will serve the patient long term, because it is not their own personal energy that they are tapping into, rather the healer’s (because the Divine energy is still coming via the healer).

And so, this way of supporting someone leaches the healer’s energy. The patient will feel rejuvenated because they have, in a way, vampired our energy and taken the balance, vitality and health that we have into their body. We (the healer) feel drained and weighted down because in good faith, and unknowingly, we allowed someone to use our energy to gain energy. We are left exhausted and hungry for the time when we first started out, the day that we were invigorated by the process rather than exhausted – when connecting with someone felt light and amazing…

A suggestion from my personal experience.

I as the healer, set the protective bubble and then I also set another intention that requires envisioning. I bring the light of the Divine into my own body through the top of my head and then envision it filling my whole being until my body can no longer contain the light. The light is pushing through my skin and into the area around me, this includes the client. This is the space that will hold the intention for the patient to then be walked through a process where they then access the light and power of the Divine directly (for themselves). The healer then guides the client through the same process above, for their own body and their own connection to the Divine.

**It is important to note that the healer is not really a healer, it is not them, they are a tube. It is the Divine gift within them that is able to bring people into the healing presence of the divine.

Now, after this process is done and the intention is set, both the healer and client’s energetic vibration is at high frequency. Now the two energies are connected, but nothing is being sucked out of anyone, because the process was done in a way that uses and relies upon each person’s connection to the Divine. There is tons of power when two or three people connect, as long as it is channeled in the right direction.

Then, once the energy is tangible and both are bringing the light and energy from their own source, then this next step of envisioning takes place: I as the healer, envision my energy in the shape of a lasso, I am the anchor and the light, vibration and energy flows along the lasso. This lasso extends around the patient, (envision how you would catch a animal with a lasso) and I as the healer support the process, continuing my connection to the divine and holding intention that the patient will hold their intention by resting, yielding and allowing whatever is in the moment to take place both physically and spiritually.

The healer is an assistant, rest in the knowledge that the patient can tap into the gift of healing at anytime, they just need to be guided there and then the Source will do the rest.”

Hope that helps you out, and if you’ve found any other techniques that work well for you, please don’t hesitate to share!

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Original post May 2014. Most recently updated July 2021.