Horses Help Reader Heal Stubborn Mouth UlcersI’d like to introduce you to one of my readers who is admirably committed to leaving no stone unturned in his quest for healing.

Aside from using all the resources in both my Listen To Your Gut and IBD Remission Diet books, he also joined my Lazer Tapping course and experienced some great progress there. Then he booked a session with Healing Intuitive, Dr. Juliet, and again, more shift, and powerful insights. But one symptom has remained, bugging the crap outta him (i.e. getting and keeping his attention!): Mouth ulcers.

This is particularly remarkable, because everyone I know who has used the wild oregano remedy for mouth ulcers, has experienced relief and healing. But at the same time, I know from my own experience, that the body will often hold onto an issue until you get ALL the pieces of the message it’s trying to deliver! I’ve experienced this multiple times, with some issues lasting years before I can finally unravel and heal all the threads.

For example, I’ve been actively working to heal my spine and straighten an S-curve scoliosis for over 20 years now. Aside from a team of 5 amazing bodyworkers, my own yoga practice, and help from my horses, I just recently received a powerful message from some Cedar trees about the next piece. So I’m pursuing that now – and it involves ancestral roots contributing to my pathology – back to Lazer Tapping! The good news is my lower spine is now straight and my upper spine (thoracic) is less than 1-inch off center. So yes, lots of progress, shift, healing, BUT still not there yet.

I think it’s really important to keep in mind, that all healing is good. Is straightening my spine the point? Or is all the healing, growth, illumination, restoration, peace and exploration the point? The issue/symptom/pain is the motivator. Coming into greater and greater wholeness (healing) is the point.

So getting back to my reader, I suggested he might want to try a private session with my herd of formerly wild horses. I have purposely left these horses as wild and untouched as they wish to be – because a fully empowered horse is a powerful healing facilitator.

After his session with the Singing Horse herd, my reader emailed me this:

“Those horses really guided me. After I booked my session, they came to me in a dream, taking me through my life journey; it was a surreal dream but an exciting one. It felt like a Tim Burton film montage almost… sequences and moments from my life arriving, then vanishing and the horses were leading the way. It wasn’t that specific but more a general sense of them leading the way- memories of a younger & older me through tight corridors and vast open spaces. I can’t recall having a dream like that in the past; it was so very epic in a way. That was exciting. I guess the impact was that it got me excited about my session.

Post-session, my evening was incredibly calm and enjoyable. But things unfortunately got worse since, in terms of my internal/external health and bodily symptoms. And I went through a very dark patch and am possibly still working through it. But it feels needed. I need to address how hard this dis-ease can be without always putting on the positive face. It does feel like I can see glimmers of the light at the end of tunnel.

I’m now reflecting a month post-session, and I’ve noticed that I feel more accepting of my situation (rather than defeated, fearful or dissociated). I’m also feeling more in-tune with my body; I’ve listened to you speak Jini, about putting your hand on your gut and communicating with it. And I’ve really struggled with that. But I’m starting to hear that voice more clearly.

I do feel revitalised, even though I am still experiencing reactions. I’m mixing things up, keen to find different approaches and ideas to get to a place where my health is better than it’s ever been. I know these are big goals but it feels ok to take the time pressure off it, and make them long-term goals. Thank you.” – R.V.

There are a few things I want you to notice from his email…

Do you notice how his perspective has undergone a major shift? From just wanting to get rid of/heal the symptom, to understanding the bigger picture of his unique healing journey? This is crucial! My assistant, Linsy, has written a great post about the concept of healing in layers, versus the common expectation to just heal everything at once.

Our body will not release a symptom (aka message) until we have received ALL the aspects of that message. Let’s say you have mouth ulcers and you realize that somewhere along the line, you gave up your willingness to speak your truth. Perhaps you were ridiculed, or perhaps you were punished, or perhaps your peers rejected you and you became lonely, so without even realizing it, you began to apply an internal editor to your feelings and opinions. Instead of being willing to stand in your own truth and speak authentically, you first edited your words so you wouldn’t offend anyone, or create conflict, or invite ridicule.

Now let’s say you realize – via a session with a healing intuitive, or equine-assisted session, or Lazer Tapping, hypnotherapy, craniosacral, Somatic Experiencing, etc. – that you need to reverse this subconscious decision you made to not speak or communicate authentically. And you welcome in a new reality where you are enabled to speak your truth with compassion, and you are willing to let other people be responsible for their own feelings, and responsible for their own reality, etc. So you expect your mouth ulcers to disappear with this huge shift and healing you’ve just experienced.

And they don’t. What???!!!

Does it negate the massive healing and shift you just experienced? No! It simply means that there’s another layer, another aspect, another message that also requires healing and transformation. Because your body is always advocating on your behalf. Until you uncover ALL the messages or parts of this opportunity for growth, transformation, enrichment and empowerment, your body will not release the symptom. If you drug or cut the symptom out, your body will simply give you another message (aka symptom). Sometimes the new messenger is even worse than the one you just smashed.

Because the point is not to get rid of the symptom! The point is to HEAL your whole self.

The second thing I love about this reader’s email is his realization for the need to first surrender to what is. And how hard it is, and how much it hurts – and to accept this. After the initial pain of this surrender, he notices that this new alignment with his body is leading him into greater connection. He’s feeling more in-tune with his body, he’s beginning to hear his body more clearly. This is HUGE. This is a massive shift and an opening into one of the most empowering and wonderful relationships we can have in our lives – with our own blessed body wisdom. Because the body is the subconscious. The body is the densest part of the soul.

Lastly, I love his shift to viewing this journey as a long-term goal. He’s removed the pressure and expectation from his body/mind. That alone will down-regulate his nervous system; which controls all the stress hormones, which controls inflammation. You see how interlinked we are? You can’t fake this stuff. You can’t just say the words in order to get the result. These shifts in perspective, approach, belief, patterns, need to come from our authentic self. They have to be real.

He’s now realized that each piece of his dis-ease is another message, another opportunity to heal his mind/body/soul – not just his physical body. Here’s another important teaching I received from the Singing Horse herd: The severity of the symptom or injury is always proportionate to the importance of the message. If you just have some minor thing off-balance in your body, then it signifies a minor imbalance in either your mind, body, soul – or all 3.

For example, recurring nosebleeds may simply mean you need to reduce your cellphone and WiFi exposure – it’s too much electromagnetic radiation for your body. Keep in mind, that as you listen to this symptom and unplug your WiFi at night (or switch to hardwired ethernet cable) and put your phone in Airplane whenever you can, you then realize that you’re also sleeping so much better at night. The drop in radiation, combined with better sleep, results in your nervous system exhaling and becoming more peaceful. This results in less stress hormones, less inflammation, and you realize that you’re getting far less colds and flus than you used to. You see how this works? Because everything in our mind/body/soul is interlinked, even a minor symptom or imbalance can have far-reaching consequences or effects.

So remember that a symptom is never just about the symptom. Always look for the message. Begin walking the healing pathway and trust your body’s wisdom. Trust that your body/soul is always advocating on your behalf – for the good of your whole self.

I hope you found his email as interesting and inspirational as I did. And I’m very grateful to R.V. for giving permission to share this process with all of you.