Guided Meditation to Get Clear on What you Really WantIt’s easy to have all kinds of dreams, visions, and goals, but until you detail out what that would actually look/feel like – over the course of a day – you can’t KNOW that your dream/vision is what you really want.

I recently listened to a presentation with Jon Butcher, where he led us in a guided meditation to visualize/imagine our ideal, perfect day. I’ve reproduced that guided meditation for you here – of course I’ve tweaked it a bit, but most of it is from Jon’s presentation.

Prepare yourself for life-changing clarity. Perhaps followed by fear, self-doubt, and overwhelm! When we dare to envision what we REALLY WANT, it can then trigger some powerful resistance from our ego. It’s okay. Allow it to be. Then work your way through releasing/transforming those limiting beliefs using Lazer Tapping, hypnotherapy, or whatever technique works best for you.

Here is the link to the podcast episode:

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